29 March 2012

If I Were A Girl: Balmain Fall 2012

Seeing as my inner gal is a tad short-waisted, I'm not sure she can pull off some of the boxier shapes in Olivier Rousteing's Fall 2012 collection for Balmain but (and there's always a big one of those around) with all this elaborate detail on display, she'll certainly give these clothes a (fashion) go.
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24 March 2012

Library: Mississippi Sissy by Kevin Sessums

While my lithe body was folded like a piece of plaid-patterned origami into seat 4D of a five plus hour flight, I distracted myself by consuming Kevin Sessum's memoir of growing up gay in 1960's Mississippi.  With nuanced details, Sessum managed to transport this reader from the drone of a jet plane to the deep South during a period ripe with racial tension and introduce characters so lovingly rendered that I wished they were sitting next to me so I to could make their acquaintance. I can't recommend it more.
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23 March 2012

Covet: Leather Bound Classics

 While we all know one should NEVER judge a book by its cover, it sure adds to my reading enjoyment when the book resting on my nightstand looks as lovely as my head resting on the pillow (modest much?).....and while I already have plenty of classics crowding my library shelves, me thinks it's not too much to ask for some extra copies like these beautifully designed by the uber talented Jessica Hische....especially seeing as this here (ageless) Wandering (bright) Eye just celebrated a (wait, how old am I now?) birthday.
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06 March 2012

Rhyme nor Reason: Orange

Yours truly has been a naughty wanderer lately....completely ignoring this here blog.....Diary of a what?!?   As per my inner workaholic, I once again became tied and bound in random ridiculousness like work, work and (yawn) more work.  I know, how pedestrian.  And, just when I think it might be time to toss in the ol' blogging towel (that tattered, faded, threadbare, rainbow-patterned relic)....I find these two images from a day spent pounding the upper 30's and just had to share.  Orange you glad I'm back?