27 January 2012

Favorites: Damaged

The image from my last post reminded me of a favorite photograph by the incomparable Walker Evans.....of all his iconic images, I relate most to this one....somehow it really speaks to me.  Just wish I could figure out why... 

26 January 2012

Distraction: Darling

How fantastic is the giant lettering on this signage from Houston circa 1956?   And the fact that the color of this young lady's dress matches so perfectly?  Makes me wonder if she just went shopping at Darling and if all Darling Fashions were available only in that particular shade of green.  These are the questions that distract a Wandering Eye all too easily....I imagine a monochromatic store interior with product, fixtures, walls, floors, ceilings all in 'darling' green and a customer rifling through a rack of dresses before asking a sales associate:
"Excuse me, do you have this dress in blue?"
"Nope.  Only green." 
From here.

25 January 2012

Covet: Here Doggy!

How can a Wandering Eye resist such a great face?!?
Yes, please!
From here.

24 January 2012

Rhyme nor Reason: W.E.

How very thoughtful that Madonna would dedicate an entire film to yours truly!  Truth be told, I'm not so surprised.  After all, a delusional existence such as mine is fine fodder for screen adaptation....I'm just wondering why it took so long?  Also, why didn't Lady Madonna consider a bit part pour moi?  I would have been pleased with a well-lit cameo.....the glamourous blogger in the background, the street urchin tap dancing for spare change, the doddering gentleman asking for directions.  Madonna was probably concerned that my fleeting yet significant appearance on the silver screen might just steal the show and to that I can only say, it wouldn't be the first time.   
One other question: Who are these two randy folks canoodling on the poster?

19 January 2012

Wishful Wandering: Jean-Paul Goude

Seeing as my mood has been quite foul lately I believe I should make like these well-dressed lasses and sprint off to Paris for a dose of visual escape.....specifically the Musee des Arts Decoratifs for Goudemalion an exhibition of work by one of my favorites: Jean-Paul Goude.  
Au revoir!
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12 January 2012

My Future Home: Decisions

 In a quandary trying to figure out the plans for my future home so I thought it would be helpful to consult Charles Middleton's venerable 1799 publication with the concise title:
"The Architect and Builder's Miscellany or Pocket Library Containing Original Picturesque Designs in Architecture of Plans and Elevations for Cottages, Farm, Country and Town Houses, Public Buildings, Temples, Greenhouses, Bridges, Lodges and Gates for the Entrances to Parks and Pleasure Grounds, Stables, Monumental Tombs, Garden Seats, Etc." 
This is a treasure trove of housing possibilities each illustrated in truly 'picturesque' designs.....good thing Mr. Middleton got all that tedious wordy stuff out of the way with his title page.
Now, a Primitive Hut would surely harken back to my upbringing but I can't help wanting a future home with more than one room and ample 'pleasure grounds' are a must.....I know, yours truly is always shooting for the stars but what's a Wandering Eye to do?
From here.

10 January 2012

Rhyme nor Reason: Style II

Just when my delusional mind is convinced that (this very morning) I succeeded in styling the perfect amalgamation of patterns in my ensemble: stripes, plaids, checks and a touch of tiny floral.....and after parading about in said outfit thinking I am surely the bee's knees.....then I see this.....the bubble pops.....and I realize my ensemble is absolutely nothing without the ruffle sideburns and stove-pipe hat.  Curses!
From here.

09 January 2012

Distraction: Moroccan Tiles

Just what I need.  
Some beautifully patterned tiles to distract me on a Monday evening...
All from here.

08 January 2012

Family Tree: Ferdinand

I always wondered where my propensity for pressing and paper crafts came from.....now all is revealed: apparently Mama Wandering Eye's Great Uncle Ferdinand had a way with an iron (including curling) and he always carried a big pair of shears.
From here.

07 January 2012

If I Were A Girl: Balmain Boot

Just like my inner girl.
From here.

06 January 2012

Rhyme nor Reason: True Confessions

Seeing as this is a spanking brand new year and I've decided (after much deliberation and hand-wringing) to continue this here self-indulgent wandering blog, I thought it was appropriate that I finally come clean about my slightly tarnished past (pause here for dramatic effect)  I refer, of course, to crimes committed against the holy house of Sanrio (pause)  for, once upon a time, there was a wee wandering eye oddly obsessed with all things Hello Kitty who may have pocketed a key chain or two at his local mall.
"What?!?  I don't know how that ended up in my backpack......" 
Oh, the shame of it all. 
Mug shots from here.