15 June 2012

If I Were a Girl: Marais

My wandering mind is simply too wandered-out to bother apologizing (yet again) for tumbling off ye ol' blogging wagon so I won't even mention how incredibly LAME I feel about this wobbly endeavor....this House of Wandering Eyes built on shaky ground....the foundation (and I don't mean underpinnings) sinking slowly into soggy soil.  A wanderer should learn never to attempt anything that requires even a modicum of commitment.

I am again in third grade music class clicking open the metal clasp on a black leather case and lifting the lid to reveal plush teal velvet cradling the pieces of a clarinet.  With careful movements, I assemble my new instrument marveling at the shiny ebony surface, the glistening metal parts, the pads and levers and reed.  A short three lessons in and my dream of channeling Benny Goodman was dashed by one Mrs. Booth she of the music note broach and coral lipstick who decided with a dismissive shrug that I just didn't have the "breath" for wind instruments.

That afternoon, a cherry red Toyota Corolla sat in the parking lot at Figueroa Music Shop where a sign above the door declared "We rent instruments!" and inside a mother returned a black leather case to Mr Figueroa saying with a sigh "so much for a musician in the family".....while out in that cherry red Toyota, a little Wanderer decided he'd rather be Baryshnikov than Benny Goodman any day.

Nope.  Won't even mention it.

Instead, I will share this stylish ensemble spied on the streets of Paris last week by yours truly and my (very envious) inner girl.  We were wandering the Marais in a food-induced-near-coma...no doubt searching for another patisserie fix...the tarte tatins are all a blur but this lovely lady remains prancing on the ever-long runway of my mind.


Linnea said...

Wobbly or not - delightful nonetheless.

Anne said...

Too many expectations and demands in life that we can't escape from as it is...no need to impose more on yourself.

Your blog, post as you feel.

Nice blog.