12 April 2012

Distraction: Darling (1965)

It took me three weeks of on-again-off-again viewing to get through this film and I'm not sure if that was due to my wandering state of mind or my dislike of the main character who flits from relationship to relationship with nary a teased-hair thought of anyone but herself.  Still, Oscar winner (over another Julie....as in Andrews....as in Mary Poppins) Julie Christie looks amazing as do the locations (London, Paris, Capri) and the mid-sixties styling but my favorite is my new movie star crush: Dirk Bogarde....what a face!


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

And should our paths ever cross, we can tell you a tale or two about Dirk Bogarde which might well set your eye wandering in new directions. And all of it true!

W.E. said...

Oh how you tempt me to wander dear Jane and Lance!

Anonymous said...

I'll take Julie Christie...thank you!