24 January 2012

Rhyme nor Reason: W.E.

How very thoughtful that Madonna would dedicate an entire film to yours truly!  Truth be told, I'm not so surprised.  After all, a delusional existence such as mine is fine fodder for screen adaptation....I'm just wondering why it took so long?  Also, why didn't Lady Madonna consider a bit part pour moi?  I would have been pleased with a well-lit cameo.....the glamourous blogger in the background, the street urchin tap dancing for spare change, the doddering gentleman asking for directions.  Madonna was probably concerned that my fleeting yet significant appearance on the silver screen might just steal the show and to that I can only say, it wouldn't be the first time.   
One other question: Who are these two randy folks canoodling on the poster?

1 comment:

Tom Stephenson said...

I hope she waxed for this film.