12 January 2012

My Future Home: Decisions

 In a quandary trying to figure out the plans for my future home so I thought it would be helpful to consult Charles Middleton's venerable 1799 publication with the concise title:
"The Architect and Builder's Miscellany or Pocket Library Containing Original Picturesque Designs in Architecture of Plans and Elevations for Cottages, Farm, Country and Town Houses, Public Buildings, Temples, Greenhouses, Bridges, Lodges and Gates for the Entrances to Parks and Pleasure Grounds, Stables, Monumental Tombs, Garden Seats, Etc." 
This is a treasure trove of housing possibilities each illustrated in truly 'picturesque' designs.....good thing Mr. Middleton got all that tedious wordy stuff out of the way with his title page.
Now, a Primitive Hut would surely harken back to my upbringing but I can't help wanting a future home with more than one room and ample 'pleasure grounds' are a must.....I know, yours truly is always shooting for the stars but what's a Wandering Eye to do?
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What a marvelous book! It would be so much fun to see a "real" copy of it. Thanks for sharing.