15 June 2012

If I Were a Girl: Marais

My wandering mind is simply too wandered-out to bother apologizing (yet again) for tumbling off ye ol' blogging wagon so I won't even mention how incredibly LAME I feel about this wobbly endeavor....this House of Wandering Eyes built on shaky ground....the foundation (and I don't mean underpinnings) sinking slowly into soggy soil.  A wanderer should learn never to attempt anything that requires even a modicum of commitment.

I am again in third grade music class clicking open the metal clasp on a black leather case and lifting the lid to reveal plush teal velvet cradling the pieces of a clarinet.  With careful movements, I assemble my new instrument marveling at the shiny ebony surface, the glistening metal parts, the pads and levers and reed.  A short three lessons in and my dream of channeling Benny Goodman was dashed by one Mrs. Booth she of the music note broach and coral lipstick who decided with a dismissive shrug that I just didn't have the "breath" for wind instruments.

That afternoon, a cherry red Toyota Corolla sat in the parking lot at Figueroa Music Shop where a sign above the door declared "We rent instruments!" and inside a mother returned a black leather case to Mr Figueroa saying with a sigh "so much for a musician in the family".....while out in that cherry red Toyota, a little Wanderer decided he'd rather be Baryshnikov than Benny Goodman any day.

Nope.  Won't even mention it.

Instead, I will share this stylish ensemble spied on the streets of Paris last week by yours truly and my (very envious) inner girl.  We were wandering the Marais in a food-induced-near-coma...no doubt searching for another patisserie fix...the tarte tatins are all a blur but this lovely lady remains prancing on the ever-long runway of my mind.

24 May 2012

23 May 2012

22 May 2012

Covet: Christian Lacroix Necklace

Nothing like a subtle piece of jewelry by one of my favorite designers to brighten up a gloomy rainy day.
From here.

17 May 2012

Extra Special: Donna Summer

Once upon a time there was an adolescent Wandering Eye with a mouth full of braces and a head full of glamorous dreams including (but not limited to) dancing into the wee hours of the morn under the sparkle of spinning mirrored balls....and even if my poster covered bedroom was a far cry from a glittery NYC club, all I had to do was turn up the volume on Donna Summer's Greatest Hits and I was transported miles away....
it is a sad day in my wandering world.

16 May 2012

Wishful Wandering: Chiaroscuro Santa Fe

Time to dust off the invisible jet because I'm high-tailing it to Santa Fe for the new exhibition of work by one of my favorite artists: John Garrett.  These beautiful hanging 'columns' incorporate hundreds of elements from keys and razor blades to vinyl records and toy wood blocks so I can't wait to see them up close and personal.....only thing is......where did I park that plane?
See amazing detail images and read more here.

08 May 2012

Distraction: Great Expectations

I have to admit that when I sat down to watch the most recent version of Charles Dickens' classic, Great Expectations, my wandering expectations were far from those of the title....but once the opening credits started to flicker across my television screen, I knew I was in for an eerily beautiful visual treat.  No one can spin a tale like Charlie and even if I found the adult Pip distractingly handsome (wait, what did he just say?) that's a minor complaint for a program that had me utterly engrossed.  These images are from the set of Satis House.....home of Miss Havisham.....who knew decay could look so lovely?  

Read plenty more about the production here.

01 May 2012

12 April 2012

Distraction: Darling (1965)

It took me three weeks of on-again-off-again viewing to get through this film and I'm not sure if that was due to my wandering state of mind or my dislike of the main character who flits from relationship to relationship with nary a teased-hair thought of anyone but herself.  Still, Oscar winner (over another Julie....as in Andrews....as in Mary Poppins) Julie Christie looks amazing as do the locations (London, Paris, Capri) and the mid-sixties styling but my favorite is my new movie star crush: Dirk Bogarde....what a face!

29 March 2012

If I Were A Girl: Balmain Fall 2012

Seeing as my inner gal is a tad short-waisted, I'm not sure she can pull off some of the boxier shapes in Olivier Rousteing's Fall 2012 collection for Balmain but (and there's always a big one of those around) with all this elaborate detail on display, she'll certainly give these clothes a (fashion) go.
See more here.

24 March 2012

Library: Mississippi Sissy by Kevin Sessums

While my lithe body was folded like a piece of plaid-patterned origami into seat 4D of a five plus hour flight, I distracted myself by consuming Kevin Sessum's memoir of growing up gay in 1960's Mississippi.  With nuanced details, Sessum managed to transport this reader from the drone of a jet plane to the deep South during a period ripe with racial tension and introduce characters so lovingly rendered that I wished they were sitting next to me so I to could make their acquaintance. I can't recommend it more.
Available here.

23 March 2012

Covet: Leather Bound Classics

 While we all know one should NEVER judge a book by its cover, it sure adds to my reading enjoyment when the book resting on my nightstand looks as lovely as my head resting on the pillow (modest much?).....and while I already have plenty of classics crowding my library shelves, me thinks it's not too much to ask for some extra copies like these beautifully designed by the uber talented Jessica Hische....especially seeing as this here (ageless) Wandering (bright) Eye just celebrated a (wait, how old am I now?) birthday.
See more of Jessica's work here.
Buy your set of classics here.

06 March 2012

Rhyme nor Reason: Orange

Yours truly has been a naughty wanderer lately....completely ignoring this here blog.....Diary of a what?!?   As per my inner workaholic, I once again became tied and bound in random ridiculousness like work, work and (yawn) more work.  I know, how pedestrian.  And, just when I think it might be time to toss in the ol' blogging towel (that tattered, faded, threadbare, rainbow-patterned relic)....I find these two images from a day spent pounding the upper 30's and just had to share.  Orange you glad I'm back? 

15 February 2012

Rhyme nor Reason: Black and White

Black and white feathered folk by photographer Tim Flach.
See more here.

14 February 2012

If I Were A Girl: Givenchy Couture

I'm not 100% certain that my inner girl can pull off the double nose rings (no matter how haute the couture) but the mammoth earrings?  
No problem at all.

09 February 2012

Covet: Louise Nevelson

Collage work from the 60's and 70's by Louise Nevelson.
Yes, yes and yes please.
From here.

08 February 2012

07 February 2012

Favorites: Sylvester

Let me paint the scene for you: it was a late night in the design studio and there was a big ol' ugly deadline looming.  My work table was covered with a layer of supplies, tools, candy wrappers and empty coffee cups and I had the music turned up extra loud in the hope that it would keep me upright in my chair.  The system was on shuffle and I had the remote by my side so I could fast-forward past anything without a beat that pulsed as frenetically as the blood pulsing through my veins.  Then, just when I thought I couldn't work another second more, just when I was going to give up hope of finishing, just when I decided that the collection I had created looked like dribble and I needed to scrap everything and start over....an angel's voice came roaring out of the speakers and Sylvester appeared in the studio as resplendent as the fairest (and fairy-est) of Fairy God-Mothers.  This was my kind of saintly visit.  A towering vision of sequins and lip gloss, flatteringly backlit and surrounded by a smoky glow.....s/he asked me "do ya wanna funk?" and with those four words I saw the (disco) light as if my trusty industrial work lamp had transformed into a mirrored ball and I knew deep down in my rainbow-colored heart that everything would be just fine.

06 February 2012

Distraction: Death on the Nile

After a week plus of business travel and schlepping my tired self hither and thither I like nothing more than to park my pert posterior on the sofa for a few hours of cinematic escape which is exactly what I did yesterday.  My film of choice?  Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile from 1978....while (surprise!) not a cinematic masterpiece, the film was shot on location and this Wandering Eye is a sucker for pyramids, a secret keeping Sphinx and whispering colossal figures of Ramses.  The cast includes Bette Davis, Peter Ustinov, Angela Lansbury, Mia Farrow and David Niven but it's a grumpy, androgynous Maggie Smith as Bowers who steals the show in my book.

27 January 2012

Favorites: Damaged

The image from my last post reminded me of a favorite photograph by the incomparable Walker Evans.....of all his iconic images, I relate most to this one....somehow it really speaks to me.  Just wish I could figure out why... 

26 January 2012

Distraction: Darling

How fantastic is the giant lettering on this signage from Houston circa 1956?   And the fact that the color of this young lady's dress matches so perfectly?  Makes me wonder if she just went shopping at Darling and if all Darling Fashions were available only in that particular shade of green.  These are the questions that distract a Wandering Eye all too easily....I imagine a monochromatic store interior with product, fixtures, walls, floors, ceilings all in 'darling' green and a customer rifling through a rack of dresses before asking a sales associate:
"Excuse me, do you have this dress in blue?"
"Nope.  Only green." 
From here.

25 January 2012

Covet: Here Doggy!

How can a Wandering Eye resist such a great face?!?
Yes, please!
From here.

24 January 2012

Rhyme nor Reason: W.E.

How very thoughtful that Madonna would dedicate an entire film to yours truly!  Truth be told, I'm not so surprised.  After all, a delusional existence such as mine is fine fodder for screen adaptation....I'm just wondering why it took so long?  Also, why didn't Lady Madonna consider a bit part pour moi?  I would have been pleased with a well-lit cameo.....the glamourous blogger in the background, the street urchin tap dancing for spare change, the doddering gentleman asking for directions.  Madonna was probably concerned that my fleeting yet significant appearance on the silver screen might just steal the show and to that I can only say, it wouldn't be the first time.   
One other question: Who are these two randy folks canoodling on the poster?

19 January 2012

Wishful Wandering: Jean-Paul Goude

Seeing as my mood has been quite foul lately I believe I should make like these well-dressed lasses and sprint off to Paris for a dose of visual escape.....specifically the Musee des Arts Decoratifs for Goudemalion an exhibition of work by one of my favorites: Jean-Paul Goude.  
Au revoir!
See more here.