24 October 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Cockatoos

This image of three lovely Cockatoos seems most fitting for my current state of mind....
(and I'm not quite sure what that means...)

20 October 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Feather

I have no idea how I wandered onto this website but these grey pheasant peacock feathers are amazing!
From here.

19 October 2011

Covet: Albert Lipten Lapel Pin

 A must have for the jewelry vault seeing as my lapel is always in need of a pin.   
Whoooo knew?
From here.

18 October 2011

Covet: Trophies

To Coach Perez who relegated a distracted (but so adorable in his uniform) seven year old to the non-covetable position of bench warmer for a greater part of the Little League season all I have to say is I don't need your lousy second place plastic prize cluttering up my award display now that I've gathered up my own bevy of impressive trophies....each and every one hard earned (note the glistening sweat on my forehead) but.....let me catch my breath.....oh so worth it.
Available here and here and here.

11 October 2011

Library: Inlaid Leather Binding

A few examples of beautiful leather binding perfect for squeezing onto my over-stuffed library shelves.
All available here.

10 October 2011

Covet: 1876 Aquarium on Stand

This piece makes my heart beat faster.....I love the corner column detail and those fancy legs and that perfectly chipped and stained color....
If only I hadn't blown that extra two grand on all those zodiac mugs!
(see previous post)
Available here.

09 October 2011

Covet: Emile Decoeur Vase

Yes please!
Available here.

08 October 2011

Distraction: The Best Time of The Day

Nice distractions from one of my favorites.
See more here.

07 October 2011

Crave: Zodiac Mugs

Ah, just the thing to get me out of my frustrating funk....brand new goodies by one of my favorite artists!  Of course, now I wish I were a Taurus because I love that bull.....very Ferdinand!  These mugs look nicely sized (read: bigger than an espresso cup) which makes them perfect for my morning coffee and, since I was born on the cusp, I can have two....one for each trembling-over-caffeinated hand!
Available here.

06 October 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Lift

And I thought my spirits needed a lift.....
From here.

05 October 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Juggle

Just when I think I have things under control and all the circus balls are airborne and I've reached a point of perfect equilibrium.....
something comes along from way over in far left field and makes my smoke-and-mirrors world crumble not unlike the topping on a baked apple pastry....only far less tasty.

If I only had those shorts.

04 October 2011

Distraction: The Arc of Photography Auction

Even if I'm exiled from the land of the Bay of E, I can still dream and covet and crave and stomp my feet and throw a temper tantrum followed by an Oscar worthy hissy fit.....which is what I plan to do once I finish taking in all the beauty found in the catalogue from this upcoming auction at Phillips de Pury.  So there!
Top to bottom: Bernd & Hilla Becher, Irving Penn, Candida Hofer
See more here.

03 October 2011

Covet: Vintage Pendleton Blanket

Good thing I'm on self-imposed Ebay restriction because this lovely blanket is making my bidding fingers twitch.
Available right here.

02 October 2011

Favorites: Maurice

Excuse the dry spell here at DoaWE....my willy-nilly life was filled with too much Working and not enough Wandering for my taste.   Fortunately, I did manage a late night screening of the Merchant Ivory film Maurice and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.  I hadn't seen the film in ages and I was struck (once again) by the beautiful styling and the refreshingly frank gay narrative....also, it brought back a flood of memories from my first viewing.....back then I was a newly out gay man attempting to navigate the rather choppy seas of dating with nary a safety-orange life vest to protect my gullible heart.  My dinghy of a boat was sinking fast into a whirlpool of negativity.....who knew all I needed was a lush period film with a gay story line to get me safely to shore?   I remember sitting in that darkened theater watching the story of Maurice unfold.....his struggles with his sexuality, his secret loves both lost and found....and feeling my inner romantic idealist breathe a sigh of relief because hope was finally restored.