30 April 2011

If I Were A Girl: Can Can Do

Who needs an entire chorus of Can-Can girls when one has this haute couture creation by the always daring Jean Paul Gaultier?  I could conquer the world if I were a girl because I would start each day with a sky-high kick and the biggest can-can do smile.
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29 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Portrait

Now, I completely understand the need for a lace parasol, lace fan and Ionic column... no fancy shmancy studio portrait should be without the ideal well-placed accessories but the awful painted backdrop?!?  That's just not right.
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28 April 2011

27 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: You're a Doll

Meet Auden (an in-demand make-up artist) and Kyu (a Korean Pop star) and don't forget (top fashion photographer) Remi.... three it's-a -boy/no-it's-a-girl dolls perfect for that gender-confused child (or adult) in your life.
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26 April 2011

Library: Artists' Handmade Houses

These are a mere sampling of the incredible photographs from my new favorite book: Artists' Handmade Houses.   Words by Michael Owen Gotkin and make-me-want-to-redecorate-my-world images by Don Freeman.
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25 April 2011

24 April 2011

If I Were A Girl: Easter Bonnet

If I were a girl, this would be my idea of an Easter bonnet.... and I'd take the dresses as well.  Perfect for early morning mass!  Added bonus: the hat is a handy receptacle for marshmallow bunnies and chocolate eggs. Yum.
Givenchy Haute Couture, Spring 2011
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23 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: State Fair

I've always loved color photographs from the 40's and 50's.  It's as if the world was rendered in a completely different set of colors....a box of Magic Markers heavy on the 'magic'... add a State Fair to the colorful equation and my eyes are shiny bright with joy....Teddy the Wrestling Bear, a man in profile against a wall of orange and three lovely ladies from the "Girlie" show....what more could a wandering eye want?
Photos of the Vermont State Fair circa 1941 by Jack Delano 
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22 April 2011

Distraction: The Desert of Forbidden Art

The other night I  chanced upon a documentary called The Desert of Forbidden Art and I have not been able to get it out of my head....which isn't such a bad thing.  The film is about a museum in Uzbekistan created by one Igor Savitsky who dedicated his life to collecting art by artists who refused to work in the strict Social-realism style of the Stalinist-era.  Artists who were often imprisoned, sent to labor camps or institutionalized for creating art that was deemed abstract, degenerate, decadent and/or avant-garde.... a truly incredible film that makes this abstract, degenerate and decadent Wandering Eye grateful to be living here and now. 
The Bull/ Fascism is Advancing 
by Yevgeny Lysenko
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21 April 2011

Distraction: Colour Me Good 80's

Pouty George Michael!?  Gorgeous Adam Ant!!??  And tousled Simon LeBon!!!???  Three pop stars who fueled many a 1980's day-dream for this Wandering Eye... now, these teen-crush hotties are together in a coloring book just waiting for my sharpened crayons to come to technicolor, vibrant, neon accented life... wake me up before I go go indeed.
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20 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Honorary Wanderers Welcome!

Here at DoaWE, the three of us (me, myself and I) collectively boast quite an impressive list of talents (rope jumping, toast making and shuffle-off-to-Buffalo executing in the top ten) however, no where on this rather lengthy list are the words 'technical proficiency'.  Sigh.  So, when a recent comment to this very blog suggested we add Followers.... suffice to say the three of us were, in a word, flummoxed.  Fast forward one hand-wringing half-hour later and we've succeeded in adding Followers to DoaWE but we've retitled the listing to sound a little less cultish and a lot more, well, appreciative because this blog would be nothing without fellow wanderers stopping by to visit....so, please join us!
And, yes, we are quite aware that this is a switchboard and not a computer but we found this lovely ladies expression most fitting.
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19 April 2011

Wishful Wandering: 1920's Egypt

Time to refuel the invisible jet and fire up the time machine because I'm headed to Egypt circa 1920's... simply stunning!

 Autochromes by Gervais Courtellemont and W. Robert Moore for National Geographic
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18 April 2011

Covet: Turkish Bath Towels

Simple striped Turkish bath towels....perfect for drying off after a post beach rinse in the outdoor shower of a rustic seaside cottage that is sure to be one of my many future homes....
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17 April 2011

Covet: Trunk

Since I'm such a softy for beautiful vintage hardware, it took a big dose of will power for me to walk away from this oversized trunk discovered in the corner of a shop in Maine... of course, now I can't stop thinking about it...

16 April 2011

My Future Home: Chandelier

Just a few of the lighting options for my future home.  
Decisions... decisions.
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15 April 2011

Covet: Needlework

A contemporary take on a classic needlework technique from the very best store in Tucson, AZ.
Yes, please.
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14 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Nautical

This happens every year... the weather starts to warm with a teasing hint of summer and I immediately fall back in love with all things nautical.... I'll blame it on my appreciation of navy and red striped ticking, anchors, salty dogs, porthole windows, sailor's knots and the gripping television series The Loveboat.

13 April 2011

If I Were A Girl: Pouf

If I were a girl, I would favor long luscious locks (or a massive afro) over something short like a Marcel wave (no matter how sassy) and I would definitely favor a well-placed pouf....especially when lounging about in silk robe, undergarments and the highest of heels. 

12 April 2011

My Future Home: Courtyard

Is it too much to ask that my future home be built around a central courtyard and that it all look just like this?  Pretty please?
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11 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Seashells

When I rouse my sleepy head out of bed in the wee hours of the morning (on a Sunday no less) it can only mean one thing: winter has (finally) ended and flea market season has begun....yesterday I spotted this large wooden box filled with seashells... sign that another season is waiting just around the corner.   

10 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Barber

When you grow up the son of a Marine, trips to the barber shop are rarely much fun...at least not to a wandering eye with dreams of feathered hair.   I remember sitting on a stack of phone books, a black plastic cape covering my body, the opening tight on my skinny neck.  Surrounded by a pungent cloud of aftershave and talcum powder, the barber (a retired Marine with the tattoos on his thick forearm to prove it) talked non-stop about football, a cigarette teetering on his lower lip, his voice loud over the whir of clippers as a steady rain of the thinnest brown splinters landed on my face, tangling in my eyelashes and covering the black plastic cape with my dashed dreams of long hair.

Now, if my wee wandering self had admired a fixture like this late 1800's beauty from that perch of stacked phone books, perhaps I wouldn't have dreaded those monthly haircuts quite as much.
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09 April 2011

My Future Home: Fireplace

Seeing as my future home will be fitted with plenty of beautiful fireplaces.... mantles laden with priceless treasures....surround of exquisite tiles.... hearth of the finest marble.... marshmallows roasting a plenty.... I will need some very special andirons and screens.  This sweet 20th century cast iron piece will suit my future home just fine.
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08 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Charles Sheeler

Perhaps it was my post about Paul Theodore Frankl and his skyscraper bookcase or, maybe, it is my sudden desire for a sense of order in my rather discordant life but, today, I am having a Charles Sheeler moment.....
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