31 January 2011

Library: Frank O'Hara Selected Poems

Currently top of the book pile on my nightstand and singing me to sleep every night: Frank O'Hara Selected Poems.

     "...they have painted the ceiling of my heart
     and put in a new light fixture..."

- from L'Amour Avait Passe Par La, 1959
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30 January 2011

My Future Home: Abandoned Men's Club

I'll blame the whirlwind blur of Christmas on the fact that I missed these images when they appeared in the New York Times last month.... if my present or future home could look a wee bit like any of the rooms in this abandoned men's club I would be one happy wandering eye.
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29 January 2011

Covet: Les Maison Enchantees

A passing glance in my kitchen cabinets and the shelves straining under the weight of stacked plates, bowls, platters and pitchers would make it quite obvious that the LAST thing I need are more serving pieces but this Hermes collection by artist Francois Houtin called Les Maison Enchantees has me ready to toss the whole mismatched lot.  Enchanted indeed.
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28 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Moustache II

Here at the Wandering Eye, tis no earth-shattering surprise what we think of a moustache wearing gentleman... we let that whiskered cat out of the Chanel bag back in November (the 21st to be precise) but now, after swooning over this photo, we realize it's not only about a moustache ....one must also have a perfect center part, fitted waistcoat and expression teetering somewhere between solemn and haughty.  Pass the comb and pomade please.
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27 January 2011

My Future Home: Bouroullec Brothers Rug

A perfectly odd-shaped rug would work wonderfully in the odd-shaped future home of my (odd) imagination.
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26 January 2011

Covet: 18th Century Cabinet

As evidenced by this very blog, we at Wandering Eye are quite fond of mixing the high and the low and this bit of highness will look quite smashing next to some of our lowly bits... up for auction today at the Property from the Estate of a Distinguished Gentleman which, by title alone, makes me want one of everything.
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25 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Awards

Seeing as this is the beginning of the awards season (according to my most legitimate sources), I want to share some of my most favorite prizes.... now... where did I tuck that acceptance speech?
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24 January 2011

Extra Special: Award

My 300th post of this past Saturday resulted in the most comments ever here at Wandering Eye HQ including a rather surprising Stylish Blogger award from the ever stylish Little Augury.  We are tickled pink to receive such an honor and must admit that neither me, myself nor I are feeling especially stylish this chilly morn as we type away wrapped in multiple layers of wool, cashmere and flannel.  Still, we accept this award with multiple layers of the warmest gratitude.

23 January 2011

Covet: Antique Books

Yes please.
From here.

22 January 2011

Extra Special: 300!

Blow some horns, throw a handful of confetti and pass me that trophy as this post marks the 300th entry of this here Diary of a Wandering Eye.  I don't know about you but me, myself and I have enjoyed all 299 moments of wandering about.... sharing all sorts of completely random and unnecessary information...a veritable visual buffet of wandering eye wonders.... heavy on the donuts of course!  Who knew that someone as easily distracted as myself could keep focused on something for this lo....
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21 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Beaded Headdress

During a candle-lit dinner at my friend Joanne's beautifully decorated home I stared across the room at this carnival headdress hung like a beaded soft sculpture on the wall.... and, even though I've seen it many times before, that night it appeared especially lovely.... blame it on the subtle lighting or the three glasses of red wine or the exotic spices in our delicious curry feast but I was prompted to stumble over and snap this photo.

20 January 2011

My Future Home: Leighton House Museum

Check the oil on the invisible plane and pack my travel trunks because I'm jetting off across the pond to visit the Leighton House Museum in Kensington.  Built over a 32 year period beginning in 1864, this former home of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Frederic, Lord Leighton, features gilded ceilings, peacock blue tiles, art by many of Leighton's contemporaries and an Arab hall designed specifically to showcase his collection of one thousand plus Islamic tiles.  As I plan on duplicating this look in my future home, I better start collecting some tiles asap.
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19 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Get Happy

At the risk of having my cherished membership card revoked (or, at the very least, suspended) I have to admit that, until the other day, I had never seen the Get Happy/ Happy Days Are Here Again duet between Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand.  I know, I know... what right do I have to call myself a homosexual?   I imagine this 1963 footage is near the top on the required viewing list for all gay men....yet somehow...well... I missed that memo.  Which is surprising considering I am such a huge fan of arrow-themed set design.  So dear (two) readers, believe me when I say I've made up for this embarrassing gaffe with numerous viewings and I'm pleased as fruit punch to report that this 2.5 minute moment of television magic really does make one feel quite happy or should I say...gay?

18 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Warehouse

Ah, the glamorous life of a (delusional) world-famous designer!  Why just yesterday,  I found myself deep within the dusty maze of a warehouse crawling about in search of the perfect components for my current project.   The space was drafty, the fluorescent lighting kept going out leaving me in complete darkness and everything (including myself) was covered with an inch-thick layer of powdery dirt.  I was in heaven.

17 January 2011

Favorites: Fats Waller

Presently tinkling the ivories in my studio, my car and my headphones is the incredible Fats Waller who in 39 short years managed to compose some of the most iconic music in the great American songbook including Honeysuckle Rose, Ain't  Misbehavin' and After You've Gone.   This is music that will make your ears blush with foot-stomping joy....a perfect soundtrack for a Monday in January.

16 January 2011

My Future Home: Tony Duquette Carpet

My future home will have this incredible carpet by Tony Duquette somewhere.... anywhere... preferably with matching walls and ceiling... a beautiful malachite setting in which to while away the day.
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15 January 2011

Distraction: 1920's Pattern Designs

Not sure what bee is buzzing about inside my designer bonnet but, for some reason, I am currently fixated on abstract pattern designs of the 1920's.... there is something about the clean geometric lines and color combinations that I find optimistic in a modernist, look-of-tomorrow sort of way.  These are designs that speak to me.... and I'm not referring to that buzz in my ear.
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14 January 2011

If I Were A Girl: Jean Schlumberger Brooches

If I were a girl I would wear brooches... preferably more than one at a time and not only for special occasions.  Quick stop at the bank to check on the millions?  Brooch on cashmere twinset.  Afternoon ride to survey the estate?  Brooch cluster on denim jacket.  Hours on the stair-master to keep girlish figure in check?  Brooch on the sequin headband.  As far as my inner girl is concerned:  the bigger the better... gold, platinum, precious gems?  Yes, yes and you betcha!  These intricate designs by Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany and Co. would fit me, I mean her, just fine.
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13 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Snow

Currently nursing some aching muscles from yesterdays snow-replacement workout courtesy of that drill sergeant Mother Nature.... I will admit that I was quite taken with how Mother N's new all-white color scheme really did change the look of the neighborhood but I would have been much happier observing the new decor from inside the house... with hot cup of cocoa in hand.

12 January 2011

Covet: 19th Century Filing Cabinet

I have finally found the solution to my conundrum d'organization.  I must simply procure numerous multi-drawered cabinets such as this in which all my most precious belongings can be stowed away safely and neatly only to become completely forgotten and never seen again.
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11 January 2011

Distraction: AD Espana

I know it was there.... somewhere in the top 100 entries.... something in that list of resolutions... one about dealing with the piles of magazines and periodicals currently lining the walls of my den... those lovingly stacked, cherished glossies filled with the most delicious eye candy for my ever-gluttonous Wandering Eyes.   Seeing as I am working my way chronologically backwards and I am presently stuck on the November 2010 issue of Architectural Digest Espana (in which these three lovely and diverse interiors can be found), this resolution may take me awhile.

10 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: My Trusted Companion

As I toiled at my desk this afternoon lost in the joyous reverie of tedious paperwork I suddenly sensed something was amiss.  It took me a second or three before I realized what was wrong with this particular Monday afternoon picture... my trusty companion, my four legged friend, my spiritual guide and ever-enthusiastic cheerleader was not curled up beneath my desk.... nor was she slumbering behind me in her bed... instead of calling her name I decided to investigate and within minutes the mystery was solved.  My fair lady of the house had abandoned me for a small blanket of sunlight, a slanted square of warmth on the dining room floor where she was fast asleep with the smallest of smiles upon her hairy lips.  

Of course, this story has absolutely nothing to do with an old postcard image of a dog but how could I resist that pose with the top hat and gloves AND a paper wrapped bouquet of roses?

09 January 2011

Extra Special: Sonia Delaunay

Here at Wandering Eye we all know that patience is a virtue but, well, sometimes it's hard to be virtuous.  Case in point, the patience required to wait until March for the Sonia Delaunay exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt museum.  We are tapping our collective finger tips on glass table tops, biding our time like star-struck fans at a back-alley stage door.  Look at that geometric ensemble with matching roadster!  Can you blame us?
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08 January 2011

Distraction: Vintage Japanese Quilts

Just spent way too long admiring these vintage Japanese quilts that look like incredible abstract paintings.  Even though I have a supply of tattered denim from my shaved-head, rebel-with-a-cause, angry-activist days, I don't think my assemblage of remnants would come close to these beauties.  Still, a Wandering Eye can dream.  Now, where's that sewing kit?
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07 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Coffee Break

I love a late afternoon coffee break... a chance to re-charge with a hot cup o' joe-joe... perhaps accompanied by a wee sweet treat?  A moment to look outside a kitchen window at a three o'clock world on a Thursday in January.

06 January 2011

If I Were A Girl: Styling and Lighting

If I were a girl I would never forget the power of the big S and L....styling and lighting of course.  These Mario Testino shots from the January issue of British Vogue are good examples of the transformative powers of the mighty S and L....in fact, these photographs are so deliciously retro and moody that my inner girl has demanded all new light fixtures throughout the house as well as a complete wardrobe overhaul heavy on the polka dots.

05 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Seashell Ship

If I were captain of a seashell ship 
I would sail all the oceans numbers one through seven 
my salty-sweet dog by my side
the crew a ragtag assortment of drag queens and poets and acrobats
each and every one in fetching navy/ white stripes
we pass the time inventing intricate knots and tedious rope tricks
assembling the biggest macrame plant hanger ever seen on any shore 
steering ourselves forever towards 
that shiny tin star in the sky.

04 January 2011

Favorites: Handmade Scarf

Yours truly is many a splendored thing however timely is not one of them.  Never one to disappoint we are consistent in our ability to spread the holiday cheer like a softened pat of butter on a slice of warm gingerbread...by sending gifts that arrive well into the new year.  For this very reason we are the last to raise an eyebrow when gifts arrive on our doorstep apres the holidays... who wouldn't want to receive a gift any day of the year?  And if that gift is handmade, fetchingly striped and cozy warm?  Well, who wouldn't be happier than I?

03 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Resolution(s)

Three days in and I'm still compiling my list of new year's resolutions.  Who knew someone as perfectly deluded as I could have room for improvement?  Readers (all three of you) I confess.  I've more than room...I've an estate...a veritable compound.... a mansion with guesthouses.  Plenty o' space for all the improvements I plan to make in this newest of new years.  And what pray tell does this image have to do with any of this navel gazing? Not a whole heck of a lot...just a perfectly weathered paper mache box.... a lovely holiday gift from a lovely all-season friend.

02 January 2011

Wishful Wandering: Cavin-Morris Gallery

Fire up the bejeweled snow plow!  We are headed back to that pile of snow known as the Mound of Manhattan.  First stop: upper Chelsea and The Cavin Morris Gallery to see the exhibition, Contained Excitement: Pleasures of the Void.... a title that had my interest piqued even before I saw these images of amazing sculptural pieces including work by my good friend, John Garrett (second from top).
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