23 December 2011

Covet: Lalique Globe Chandelier

Once again this here Wandering Eye took a tumble off the posting wagon right into a glittery, steaming, gift-wrapped pile of holiday cheer.  Having now survived (relatively unscathed) far too many holiday soirees for one Wandering Eye to handle (let alone my other persnickety personalities) I must admit I have consumed my fair share of cranberry laden mystery punches.....word of advice: do not be tempted by the shiny, highly-reflective quality of the silver punch bowl (no matter how ornamented the polished rim) the liquid contained therein has been the downfall of many a Christmas-sweater wearing reveler.  

So, we brush the sugar cookie crumbs off our lap and wander on toward the big day, our trembling fingers crossed, hoping one S. Claus received a letter from one W.E. who has been very, very, very, nice this year so much so that he deserves this lovely bauble available right here.

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