24 December 2011

Covet: Edgar Brandt Bookends

These just bumped that globe chandelier right out of the number one spot on my wish list (sorry Lalique).  
Available here.

23 December 2011

Covet: Lalique Globe Chandelier

Once again this here Wandering Eye took a tumble off the posting wagon right into a glittery, steaming, gift-wrapped pile of holiday cheer.  Having now survived (relatively unscathed) far too many holiday soirees for one Wandering Eye to handle (let alone my other persnickety personalities) I must admit I have consumed my fair share of cranberry laden mystery punches.....word of advice: do not be tempted by the shiny, highly-reflective quality of the silver punch bowl (no matter how ornamented the polished rim) the liquid contained therein has been the downfall of many a Christmas-sweater wearing reveler.  

So, we brush the sugar cookie crumbs off our lap and wander on toward the big day, our trembling fingers crossed, hoping one S. Claus received a letter from one W.E. who has been very, very, very, nice this year so much so that he deserves this lovely bauble available right here.

06 December 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Madison and 34th

This month has started with a metaphorical big-handed slap to the face and I'm still reeling....I am not unlike an animated cartoon character running with exaggerated zeal but remaining in place.  It is not unusual for my head to be firmly ensconced in the clouds but this time the clouds are grey and stormy and filled with the angry sting of lightening.  So, I wallow for a moment in the murky funk of junk crowding my pea-sized brain, pondering my existence, questioning choices made, like why did I choose to walk up Madison instead of Park?  And why do the widest of tourists like to walk side by side instead of single file on Manhattan sidewalks?  And how did I think I could walk from Union Square to mid-town in 20 minutes? Whine, whine, whine.  Then I see something that causes me to stop in my tracks, the pause button pressed.....beautiful cast iron deco-period gates....quietly regal here in this noisy city....waiting to be admired and, for a moment, that's what I do and all is right in my wandering world.