17 November 2011

Favorites: Richard Bernstein

When I was a gawky teenage wandering eye, I would spend hours at the mall perusing all the foreign fashion magazines in Rizzoli bookstore and thinking myself quite the cosmopolitan.  Sometimes, if I was feeling extra indulgent, I would stop at the French cafe downstairs and splurge on a chocolate croissant then I would take the escalator upstairs and proceed to leaf through magazine after magazine with sticky, chocolate smeared fingers.  It was here that I fell under the spell of Richard Bernstein's beautiful cover art for Andy Warhol's Interview magazine.  How could I resist that saturated color, oversized format and all my favorite celebrities looking perfectly, magically delicious?  To my little town wandering eyes, Richard Bernstein was one of the greatest living artists which is why my bedroom walls were covered with his Interview covers.
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