09 November 2011

Extra Special: Buster Keaton

 I know many consider me a beacon of high-culture and while I do possess a vast knowledge of the performing arts from tap-dancing to double-dutch I must confess that, until recently, I wasn't very familiar with the work of Buster Keaton.  Sure I'd seen plenty of clips and snippets but I had never seen one of his films in its entirety and, now that I have, I am officially hooked.  There are plenty more films to enjoy before I've watched even half of Keaton's oeuvre but so far my favorite is a silent short from 1920 called One Week.....a sweet tale of newlyweds who attempt to build their first house from a kit.  I don't want to spoil the story but I will say that it's amazing what Keaton accomplished 91 years ago (!) with primitive special effects, not a word of spoken dialogue or any sound for that matter besides musical accompaniment and all in a mere 23 minutes.
Watch here.

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