03 November 2011

Distraction: Willard Asylum Suitcases

Photographer Jon Crispin is documenting the contents of suitcases discovered in the attic of the Willard Psychiatric Center in Willard, New York....the suitcases were put into storage when their owners arrived for treatment as early as 1910.  I found this suitcase filled with art tools and crafting supplies especially touching....it belonged to Maude Ketchman.  
See much more here and here and here.


Anonymous said...

I love the Willard Asylum suitcases. I have seen them before and Jon Crispin, seen on youtube, seems so soulful. I am glad you are back in action. I have written to you before, but I don't think it gets to you.

donna baker said...

On your previous aquarium post, I sold a collection of victorian aquarium pieces to a woman on etsy. I have seen some antique aquariums at the Round Top shows in Texas ranging from $350.-6000.

W.E. said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you for your comment and for being pleased to hear from me! My little blog was left simmering on the very back burner as I juggled pots and pans filled with obligations that threatened to bubble over. Fortunately, juggling is in my blood....I knew those years in the circus would pay off one day.

And Donna, thank you for the heads-up on antique aquariums....the hunt begins!