18 October 2011

Covet: Trophies

To Coach Perez who relegated a distracted (but so adorable in his uniform) seven year old to the non-covetable position of bench warmer for a greater part of the Little League season all I have to say is I don't need your lousy second place plastic prize cluttering up my award display now that I've gathered up my own bevy of impressive trophies....each and every one hard earned (note the glistening sweat on my forehead) but.....let me catch my breath.....oh so worth it.
Available here and here and here.


Anonymous said...

What a dear you are. I too suffered the slings and arrows of no trophies. While spending a considerable amount of my youth showing horses I remained trophiless. A very wealthy lady who lived near me had a show barn with a trophy room in it. The walls were hung with deep royal purple drapes and against those were displayed a shelves of silver cups engraved with the horses name who had won. In the middle of the room was a table display case with some black and white photos of her being awarded some of her trophies.

She is gone now as is the 1200 acres of house, barns, and show areas, all taken over by a housing tract. As the place was being dismanteled I went to that trophy room and I stole one of those pictures which is hanging in my bedroom at this moment. I am 76 years old and have never forgotten her place, the trophies, and my lack of them. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone. Ann

W.E. said...

Dear Ann,
How could I have missed this wonderful story from you? I love that you stole away with one of the photos! Me thinks YOU should have a blog of your very own so that you can share more stories because I've a feeling you have some real winners....speaking of which, you're a winner in my Wandering book with or without a trophy! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!