17 September 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Palette

I have found the color palette for my fall wardrobe!  Look at these wonderfully rich reds, greens, oranges and creams....all with that touch of pale gold....yum.
From here.


Anonymous said...

That lovely collection of canned good brings to mind an experience I had some 50 years ago at the Los Angeles County Fair. The display of canned fruits and vegatables was dominated by a single person, a man. The reason was clear, he had made extreamly real pictures as well as glorous designs inside the mason jars with the fruit and vegetables. The story was that he had helped his wife with her entries at the fair for many years and when she passed away he took to the kitchen and entered his own things. I wrote to him and he invited me to come and watch him work. Unfortunatually my college education intruded on this and I never was able to meet this very talented man.

Love your blog, Ann

W.E. said...

What a fantastic story Ann! So much more interesting than my blabbering about a fall wardrobe. Thank you for sharing!