31 August 2011

Distraction: Norrgavel

Not that I want summer to end anytime soon but these images from Swedish furniture company Norrgavel's new campaign reminds me of the coziness of fall....felted slippers anyone?
From here.

30 August 2011

Library: I'm Down by Mishna Wolff

When it comes to summer reading I like my books to be just like a light salad served pool side: easy to digest....summer is my time to indulge in pure pleasure reading and, yes, I admit to dipping my toe in the tepid pool of trashy popular paperbacks (see sunscreen smudged copy of The Devil Wears Prada).  
Luckily, just before my brain turned to mush this summer, I read the memoir I'm Down by Mishna Wolff which made me laugh so hard that I couldn't put it down.  I can't recommend it enough.  Now, where's my cocktail?

29 August 2011

My Future Home: Gropius House

Nothing like a tour of the Walter Gropius House to make me want to completely redecorate...and tear down walls...and enlarge windows...and add roof decks.  Unfortunately, photo taking was strictly forbidden during the most informative walk-through and I was too distracted to pull a sneaky with my phone so I've only these images to share.  Fortunately, I have a copy of Leslie Williamson's beautiful book Handcrafted Modern (see Library post from 10 Oct 2010) which is filled with inspiring interiors of wonderful homes including Gropius House.
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28 August 2011

Distraction: Patent Drawings

I think I like all the stamps, signatures and notations almost more than the beautiful drawings on these Patent Office records....I could stare at these for hours.....oh, wait, I just did.  
Still, I'm perplexed that the  clever (and stylish) Hat to Prevent Drowning never quite took off...
From here.

27 August 2011

Covet: 1920's Italian Cigarette Doll

Hit the road Barbie, Ken, Francis and Skipper.....there's a new doll in town and she's taking over.  
Her name?  
Cigarette Doll.....what else?  
Look at that face, the tousled hair and that smart pant & jacket ensemble.
Is it too early to start my Christmas list?
Available here.

26 August 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Food Chart

Forget Groups One through Six, just give me a big serving from Group Seven please.  
Mmmmmmmm good!
From here.

25 August 2011

If I Were A Girl: Marni Scarves

If I were a girl I would wear lots of Marni especially the accessories because the color combinations always make my inner girl smile.  These beautiful scarves are no exception.....like works of art on silk twill.  
Available here.

24 August 2011

Covet: Rami Tareef Chair

Not sure how comfortable these woven chairs by Rami Tareef would be but when they look this stylish....who cares?
From here and here.

23 August 2011

If I Were A Girl: Nicholas Kirkwood Laser Cut Shoes

Who knew Grannie's crochet doilies could look so chic?  
My inner girl would be all over these Nicholas Kirkwood laser cut wedges.
Available here.

22 August 2011

Distraction: Antiques

For getting my tattered mind back on track, there's nothing like an afternoon spent perusing the goods at a quintessential New England antique mart....creaky wood plank floors, smell of furniture polish and old books, light filtered through dusty factory windows and cranky sales clerk with bad home perm behind the counter.....it's good to be home.

21 August 2011

Covet: Donna Wilson

More covetable goodies from the uber-talented (and very nice) Donna Wilson....I find it hard to resist her sophisticated color palette and just-sweet-enough illustrative style....plus she makes tea cosies and hot water bottle covers!  Be still my jaded, blackened heart.
Available here.

20 August 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Man Down

Many apologies for the lapse in posting here at DoaWE....yours truly got so wrapped up in work and a bit too much socializing (business related of course) that my wee pea of a brain was feeling somewhat stretched to the limit and the only thing this wandering eye wanted to do after hours was shut down and sleep....of course, this didn't keep me from wandering the streets of Nolita way passed my bedtime which is where I stumbled across this vision....one Sponge Bob Square Pants looking as deflated as I felt.

11 August 2011

Covet: Shears

Always nice when tempting form meets functional tools....for me it's all about that little curl at the end.  

Suddenly I feel like cutting up more than the rug.
Available here.

10 August 2011

Favorites: Handblocks

Once upon a time, at a place called UCLA, I studied surface design which means I spent many a late night in the studio jacked up on caffeine, obsessively carving linoleum blocks and printing on yards and yards of fabric.... this would explain why I have a soft spot for block printed fabrics and the tools used to create them....like these late 1800's beauties from the Zucchi Collection of Antique Handblocks.
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09 August 2011

If I Were A Girl: Safari

If I were a girl I'd be on safari just about now and since I'd look a lot like Verushka, well, it makes sense that I would wear something just like this Yves Saint Laurent ensemble from 1968...lightweight with plenty of pockets for all my safari essentials....Evian mist spray bottle at the ready!  In the evening, my inner girl would crave something colorful and appropriate for the outdoorsy setting like this wonder by Tom Binns...yes, please!
Verushka by Franco Rubartelli, French Vogue, 1968
Necklace available here.

07 August 2011

My Future Home: Biedermeier Bergeres

Call me sacrilegious but these Biedermeier bergeres look pigeon-toed....which makes them perfect for my future home.
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05 August 2011

My Future Home: Indian Palace Bed

For my future home: the perfect bed frame for resting my weary, wandering head....a little something from an Indian palace circa 1800.  All this needs is the addition of an extra thick mattress, crisp cotton sheets, multiple pillows and some favorite blankets.  Added bonus: the carved figures can keep me company on those long nights when I'm sleeping solo. 
Available here.

04 August 2011

Family Tree: Augustus

Great great Uncle Benedict's second cousin once-removed, Augustus, knew his best angle and refused to be photographed any other way.
From here.

03 August 2011

Distraction: The Son of the Sheik (1926)

What's the best way to ignore a pressing deadline?  
How about a late night dose of hardcore expressive silent-era acting, a smoldering Rudolph Valentino and a glass of wine or three?  
Nothing like a silent film to make me want to chit chat all night long.
Oh, and if I were a girl, my name would be Vilma....or should it be Velma a la Scoopy Doo?
Such difficult decisions....now I'll never sleep!