21 July 2011

My Future Home: British Sailor Society 1905

I would like a cozy guest room just like this in my future home....filtered sunlight, a single simple pendant lamp and a tidy writing desk....if this worked for British sailors circa 1905 then it will be perfect for all my houseguests....seafaring or not.
From here.


JWC said...

Not to mention that chair is amazing.

Tom Stephenson said...

If you had served at least 30 years in the British Army, then you would be eligible for a Chelsea Pensioner's room (or dead).

Thomas at My Porch said...

I am struck by how much this photo reminds me of a patient room of the same period at St. Elizabeths Mental Hospital in Washington, DC. Granted, your example has finer furniture, but take a look at the fourth photo down in this link.

W.E. said...

I completely forgot to mention the chair JWC! It's a keeper for sure.
TS, signing up for the British Army asap!
Thomas, I truly enjoyed your post and those photos! Fantastic!