19 July 2011

Far and Wide: NYC

Okay, maybe not so far and definitely not too wide but the isle of Manhattan it is for this photo diary.  Leave it to this Wandering Eye to choose one of the hottest days of July for venturing beyond my safety zone (the area below 23rd Street) but the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the MET was calling my name so uptown I went.  Once I process all the incredible visual, aural, textural stimulation of the McQueen exhibition I will write a post because it was truly beautiful and moving.  In the meantime... here is my Big (baked) Apple day in six photos:
9:30 am Chelsea
10:00 am  Garment District
11:25 am Sketching
1:05 pm Rodin
2:15 pm Floral arrangement MET style
3:30 pm Afternoon fuel DoaWE style

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