07 June 2011

Family Tree: Roots

It is amazing how one can almost become accustomed to a nagging sense of inadequacy, the square peg childhood, the one-of-these-is-not-like-the-others family portraits, that hard to shake feeling that something...is...not...quite....right.   
Now, after decades of wondering and wandering, I have finally discovered the true roots of my in-need-of-serious-pruning family tree.  The cloak of darkness has been raised, clouds part and rays of low UV sun shine upon my smiling SPF 50 face while a chorus of fallen angels sing from far stage left.  Finally, it all makes perfect sense. 
Thank you ancestry.com!
From here.


Jen of Country Weekend said...

This just made me smile.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Can you hear me laughing, well I am. I can so relate! Always looking, searching photos for the key. Your roots are strong and quite colorful. Right on, sister!!!!!!!

Michael said...

I wish I had relatives or ancestors who dressed up like this. My family is rather military in gear and approach to life. I'm the blaaaaaaaaaaaack sheep.

W.E. said...

Yay dear Jen of Country Weekend! Your comment just made me smile right back.

And dear Kevin of forever Hollywood I'm so glad you could relate and, more importantly, laugh. We colorful square pegs must stick together!

W.E. said...

Dear Michael, I don't mind a military look if it's Balmain and on a woman and, in my book, there's nothing wrong with being the black sheep....after all black goes with everything.