19 June 2011

My Future Home: Mayfair Ballroom Newcastle Upon Tyne

More interior decor inspiration for my future home....that's what I call a color-scheme!  Take a gander at those light fixtures, the band stand (a necessity for every home), the "Crystal Bar" and that pretty-in-pink powder room!  Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that place was in full shindig mode.... "Constance, did you see Rosemary carrying on with Mr. Baker in the Crystal Bar?  And what is with that crinoline she's wearing?  Does she think it's still 1961?"
From here.


JWC said...

this is amazing... especially obsessed with the powder room and its delightfully tacky faux Victorian rococo carpet

Blue said...

Newcastle Upon Tyne is where I went to art school and I loved the place! The new castle referred to in the city's name was built in 1100 or thereabouts.

W.E. said...

I'm rethinking my entire color scheme just based on that powder room JWC! That floor of multiple bouquets...what more could I want?

And dear Blue, fantastic that you are familiar with this place! Love that their idea of "new" is something from 1100. Guess it's all relative.