12 June 2011

Distraction: Ruth Asawa Sculpture

Discovered in a darkened corridor of the De Young Museum in San Francisco....on our way to an elevator that leads to the observation floor and a lovely view of the city....were Ruth Asawa's impressive wire sculptures.... I was so completely distracted by the intricate, sinuous metal work of each form and the equally beautiful shadows they cast... that I missed the elevator four times over.

Turns out that this accomplished artist was one of the 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry forced into internment camps during WWII.   She and her family were allowed to bring only what they could carry and Ruth's 60 year old father, a farmer, was separated from the family and not seen again for two years.  She was 16 years old. Learn more about Ruth Asawa and her incredible work here

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Jen of Country Weekend said...

They are lovely. That's quite a back story too.