07 May 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: What did you call me?

Whilst descending the stairwell of a parking structure the other morning....unsuccessfully attempting to ignore the curious smell.... I reached a landing and came face to face with this bit of colorful graffiti... the hour was early and I was in a bit of a fog from the lack of oxygen so it took me a moment to make out the word then I thought: However did they know?


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello WE:
Oh come, dear WE, you are doing yourself a disservice here. We often consider ourselves to be tarts [and lazy ones at that], but never sluts!!

Just a thought...perhaps if you persist in roaming this 'parking structure' at unearthly hours, you may well be able to capture the artist as the next Keith Haring?!!!

BruttiBuoni said...

Perhaps "Slut" is having another spotlight moment as a term of affection. Kind of like the way everyone seems to be calling each other "hooker", as in "Hey Hooker!"

ps My word verification for this comment is "Hater". lol

W.E. said...

Tis very true dear Jane and Lance tart sounds so much better than slut....after all, tarts are sweet and delicious and, appropriately, often quite fruity.

Thank you Brutti Buoni for commenting on this here hooker, slut blog!