13 May 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Garden

My favorite neighborhood garden....a willy nilly melange of blooms bordering a curvaceous expanse of green...I stop often, hovering near the lichen covered low fence....willing myself NOT to tiptoe through the tulips.


Maison de lin said...


This garden is just beautiful an lovely pics.


BruttiBuoni said...

If you didn't tiptoe through the tulips, then make sure you stop and smell the roses when they're in bloom. I love the softening of the images around the edges. I'm expecting a large delivery from White Flower Farm this weekend. Alas, it's supposed to rain in NYC, but I don't mind. I work in the garden in any weather.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello WE:
Next you'll be posting a clip of Max Bygraves singing 'Tulips from Amsterdam'. And there we were thinking that your choice in gardens would be the height of sophistication without a flower in sight. Oh well.......!

It would appear that our witty and succinct comment of yesterday went down with Blogger.

W.E. said...

I'm glad you like this garden Jerome!

Enjoy your gardening Brutti Buoni...in rain or shine! I admire a dedicated gardener and, yes, one should always make time to smell the roses.

Height of sophistication? Not a chance with my altitude sickness. Sadly, I did lose your comment from yesterday Jane and Lance. I shake my fist at the blogger powers that be!