19 May 2011

Far and Wide: San Francisco

After weeks of awaiting the arrival of spring and, instead, tolerating the misty, cold, grey of May in New England this here Wandering Eye fired up his invisible jet and high-tailed it to the other coast... I am in the land of golden gates and hilly hills soaking up sun and looking for the heart that Tony Bennett left behind.


Tom Stephenson said...

Nice bit of New England - if not downright English - 18th C. Georgian, fuschia and urn relief!

Karena said...

I am dreaming a dream as well, as it is still cool and chilly here!

It is France though!

Art by Karena

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Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

You better not be in Hollywood, I would hate to miss you.

W.E. said...

Dear Kevin of Hollywood, when my invisible jet is going to touch down in your glittery city, you'll be the first to know!
Dear Karena, I hope you're enjoying some warmer weather soon
Dear Tom, I stumbled across this bit of ornamentation on lower Market of all places.