06 May 2011

Distraction: Toys of the Avant-Garde

Seeing as my invisible jet was in the very visible repair shop most of last year, I missed the Toys of the Avant-Garde exhibition at Museo Picasso Malaga (insert boo-hoo face here).  Still, that didn't stop me from getting my sweaty wandering hands on the beautifully illustrated book/catalog for the exhibition.  This book has been sitting on my desk for the last week and whenever I need an eye-candy break I open to any page and ogle the incredible images.  I find these photos of a late 1800's scrap book especially inspiring.... I hope you agree.
See more toys here


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello WE:
Yes, the 1800s scrapbook is a visual treat and the exhibition sounds to have been most intriguing.

By chance, our current post is of our own latest toy!

W.E. said...

Dear Jane and Lance: I would trade my scrapbook for your new fantastic toy any day!

akissfromthepast said...

Hey! your blog is interesting and artistic- i like! :) i will visit here again too! have a nice weekend!

Tom Stephenson said...

You have some nice artifacts, W.E. - I'm going to call back regularly to see what else you gate your hands on (and in the hopes of seeing a video of you tap-dancing).

Maison de lin said...


Thank you for your last comment on my blog, it's make my happy. I love also
Ladurée and your blog is verry nice en interesting.

Greetings from Belgium

W.E. said...

Kisses to you A Kiss From The Past!

and TS you are welcome to wander over as often as you like....as for the video of my tap dancing....well, I'll need to brush up on my kick-ball-changes.

Belgium Greetings and Laduree in one comment!?! Jerome you've made my day!