10 May 2011

Crave: Brimfield Antique Show

Yes, fellow Wanderers, tis that rare time of year when I emerge from my down covered cocoon at an abnormal hour to stumble across farm fields laden with treasures more than the eye can see...wish me luck in my search for the most irresistible and the completely unnecessary.... of course, should I spy a lass like this lovely lady from White Cloud, Kansas circa 1974 the day will be complete.
From here.


A Super Dilettante said...

W.E. my dear, I hope you will find all the treasures you are looking for and the objects that will lure your eyes. Of course, I can imagine that you will have your eyes and nose wide open to sniff out rare specimen from miles away before you even see the objects.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello WE:
We have something very similar in the far flung corners of Budapest, Ecseri Market, which we visit from time to time, particularly when in need of a new bust of Lenin, Stalin's signature or a Soviet-Hungarian Friendship medal!

No Miss Kansas 1974 to be found in the People's Republic.

BruttiBuoni said...

I've been to Brimfield twice. Each time with a different boyfriend. Each time we broke up on the drive back to Boston....Thanks for the memories!

W.E. said...

Dear SD, many thanks for your well wishes! If I do say so myself I am quite adept at sniffing out the treasures...when I'm not busy sneezing in a farm field flush with pollen.

Dear Jane and Lance, Budapest is on my top ten list of travel destinations... now hearing about this market I may just move it up to number one...bust of Lenin please!

Dear Brutti, sorry I've scratched at the memory wounds with my Brimfield post...perhaps next time visit with a non-boy-friend or solo or with a companion of the four legged variety!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Thank you for the uplifting comments, it helped.

Heaven on earth is shopping in a huge antique market, have fun and good luck.