09 May 2011

Covet: Grates

When it comes to the great Olympics of life we at DoaWE consider ourselves quite the champions in the flea market shopping event.... we stand tall upon the first place podium, gold medals upon our chiseled chests watching through tears of joy as our beloved rainbow flag flies just a smidge higher than the rest.... so, we were quite surprised when yesterday, during a regular early Sunday visit to a favorite flea market, our dear companion (aka evil competitor) managed to snatch a coveted cast-iron radiator grate from right beneath our (sneezing) noses.... curse that distracting hay fever!  This slight stumble in our stellar track record sent us spiraling into a mad search for great grates which explains this post.  
From here. 


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello WE:
Outwitted and outdone! We are disappointed in you!

The iron covers are really rather something, not dissimilar to items produced in the C18 and C19 by Coalbrookdale, Ironbridge, Shropshire - the seat of the Industrial Revolution in Britain.

Tom Stephenson said...

A late friend of mine's father (the father survives - tragedy) specialised in photographing similar grates on his travels.

Bad luck for not getting your ones from the evil bastard.

Daniel-Halifax said...

One word for you, actually three:

This. week. brimfield!!!

Will I be wandering into you?!

W.E. said...

I'm so sorry to have disappointed you dear Jane and Lance.... we will rally our forces and make a most successful comeback!

Dear Tom, these photographs sound intriguing... I can only imagine the variety of grates seen around the world.

Long lost DH, yes, this week is the grand poobah event for we lovers of the flea...I am leaving now to wander the fields by light of moon with my trusty torch and sturdy wagon.