20 April 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Honorary Wanderers Welcome!

Here at DoaWE, the three of us (me, myself and I) collectively boast quite an impressive list of talents (rope jumping, toast making and shuffle-off-to-Buffalo executing in the top ten) however, no where on this rather lengthy list are the words 'technical proficiency'.  Sigh.  So, when a recent comment to this very blog suggested we add Followers.... suffice to say the three of us were, in a word, flummoxed.  Fast forward one hand-wringing half-hour later and we've succeeded in adding Followers to DoaWE but we've retitled the listing to sound a little less cultish and a lot more, well, appreciative because this blog would be nothing without fellow wanderers stopping by to visit....so, please join us!
And, yes, we are quite aware that this is a switchboard and not a computer but we found this lovely ladies expression most fitting.
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Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

How wonderful to find ourselves listed as 'Honorary Wanderers'. It is rather like becoming Knights of the Garter [which, to date, our own dear Queen has neglected to make us] or similar.

That said, we were astonished at the speed and proficiency, despite your protestations to the contrary, with which you converted your previously unseen Wanderers into the realms of comparative reality.

Blue said...

I hadn't noticed your lack of followers. I signed up this morning.

W.E. said...

Dear Jane and Lance, if Honorary Wanderers is similar to Knights of the Garter than perhaps I'm more like a Queen than I first thought! Is it possible? Your kind words of encouragement have made my week!

Thank you both (and dear Blue!) for joining in the willy nilly where's-the-compass wandering journey.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

You poor old thing, it's about time. We will follow and wander where ever you may go. By, the way it takes this old thing hours and hours to do the smallest little blog thing. I with you, baby!

W.E. said...

Thank you dearest Kevin of Hollywood for letting me know I am not alone in my technical ineptitude...we poor, ancient, folk need to stick together!