21 April 2011

Distraction: Colour Me Good 80's

Pouty George Michael!?  Gorgeous Adam Ant!!??  And tousled Simon LeBon!!!???  Three pop stars who fueled many a 1980's day-dream for this Wandering Eye... now, these teen-crush hotties are together in a coloring book just waiting for my sharpened crayons to come to technicolor, vibrant, neon accented life... wake me up before I go go indeed.
Available here.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We think that you should get colouring at once, fast and furiously, before the three of them start drawing their pensions. Or, maybe, it's too late already.

Just a teeny [dreadful word] thought: isn't a bit of a give away, age wise, to have lusted after them as a teenager?

W.E. said...

Dear Jane and Lance:
Yes, I must cancel all appointments for the day and get to colouring! The perfect activity for an ageless Wandering Eye like yours truly.

Karena said...

So true age is meaninglless and I understand completely...enjoy dear one!

Art by Karena

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W.E. said...

Glad we are in agreement when it comes to the wonders of ageless bloggers Karena!