24 March 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: But what about....?

A fragment of vintage needlework for the chronically self-involved.


A Super Dilettante said...

Some people in this country still knit and crochet. My grandmother used to have all her hankerchief with embroidered initials. People don't do that any more. I adore things that are done by hand. Hope you have a nice day.

PS. I've used your Dame Beryl's picture of her house in my yesterday post. Thanks again for your kind permission.

W.E. said...

i'm a huge fan of handmade things also SD and I love that your grandmother had embroidered initials on her hankies!

Laurent said...

Doing things by hand and hankies at the same time? One is not in Kansas in this posting. Be that as it may, this trouvaille is so perfect for imparting a true Stylish Blogger Award, that I shall reserve it for my favourite candidate(s). You are too kind, to have thought of it!