08 March 2011

Library: Etcetera by Sibella Court

Whenever I fear that my rather acute hunting and gathering skills have gotten the best of me, I turn to the beautiful pages of Etcetera where stylist, designer and shopkeeper Sibella Court not only celebrates the desire to collect, she downright encourages it.....and, after I have perused every tempting photo (see above), I can convince myself that, no, I am not a hoarder I am simply a very active collector...phew.
Available here.


A Super Dilettante said...

I'm loving your blog. It's fascinating. I learn something new by coming here to read your posts. Many thanks.

little augury said...

I think this will be a very therapeutic book! You and Mrs Blandings are both on the hunt today-never hoarding!

W.E. said...

Dear SD: It is comments like yours that draw me to the keyboard and inspire me to continue my blog. Thank you from the warm bottom of my wandering heart!
Dear LA: I am convinced that you will enjoy this book immensely...now, I must run and continue the hunt!