10 March 2011

Distraction: Scrapbook

I've a weakness for old photo albums and scrapbooks.... the yellowed pages, the curled edge of a pasted down clipping, the annotations in careful script and the telling ways in which the maker juxtaposed elements and created each layout.... these lovely examples are from the scrapbooks of one Barbara Johnson (1738-1825) who began pasting in swatches at age 8 and continued into her eighties.
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A Super Dilettante said...

I think because of the internet and modern techonology, there aren't many people who are interested in making scrapbooks. I learnt somewhere that the late Lady Diana Cooper was an avid fan of making scrapbooks...It tells so much about a person who collects a little articles or old photographs. But now we have a modern version of scrapbook - blogging (although I know it's not the same). I love collecting Victorian Calling Cards...they are just beautiful. I wish I had a butler to deliver a calling card on a silver tray with a lid! Wouldn't it be splendid to receive a calling card from a friend?

The Devoted Classicist said...

What a fabulous document of design!

W.E. said...

Dear SD, I love the idea of a calling card especially one that is Victorian but I would be even happier with a butler...Victorian or not!
Dear DC, most pleased that you are in agreement!