26 March 2011

Covet: Chesterfield Sofa

As much as I love the idea of a worn leather club chair.... the kind imbued with the scent of tobacco and bourbon and manly colognes, the perfectly crackled surface trimmed with tarnished brass nail heads....the kind of chair made for hunkering down with a good book in the library... I'd much rather have a worn leather Chesterfield for all the same reasons and (most importantly) space for my plus one.
From here.
 Additional beautiful sofas available here.


The Devoted Classicist said...

This is a marvelous model with the shaped back and tufted seat as well. The smooth seats are hotter and more slippery. I was thinking it was from George Smith, but a quick check did not show it on their website. I was thinking it was about $10,000 net plus leather, so this one has held a reasonably good value for "used furniture".

W.E. said...

Glad you like this DC! I hadn't thought about smooth versus tufted and the heat/slippery situation.... one mustn't be sliding around on the Chesterfield so more tufting please!