09 February 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Happy

Growing up with a DIY father, I spent many a Saturday morning gathering supplies at the neighborhood hardware store.... a meeting place of fathers from up and down my street... the air filled with deep voices, loud laughs and the scent of English Leather aftershave.  I remember following my father down aisle after aisle as he searched for the right sized washer or drill bit or electrical component... his weekend cardigan dotted with paint,  a cigarette perched on his lower lip and a yellow number two pencil tucked behind his ear.

There are times when the smallest thing can make one happy.... and there are times when that happiness-inducing thing needs to be substantially larger and heavier and should it rotate with the smooth grace of a ballerina....well, the happiness soars.


Laurent said...

scent, texture, sound, suspense, colour, movement, substance, precision, fantasy.

people are going to be studying this entry.

W.E. said...

Ah, Laurent, flattery will get you everywhere when it comes to these Wandering Eyes!