05 February 2011

Distraction: Rudolf Nureyev + John Galliano

When it comes to the dancer Rudolf Nureyev I am not unlike a twelve year old girl with an irrational crush.... professing eternal love to a wall of collaged magazine clippings, a tear-stained issue of Tiger Beat clutched to a pre-pubescent chest... I admitted to my infatuation many moons ago (see August 19) so imagine my irrational happiness when I learned that my favorite dancer had inspired the fall 2011 menswear collection by the always inspiring John Galliano.  While I'm not sure I can pull off the bound-conical-triple beard, I'm willing to give it a go in the name of Nureyev.
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The Devoted Classicist said...

Nureyev was one of the few men who could successfully and convincingly wear that Russian peasant look without it looking completely like a costume. Fortunately for us, his appreciation for decor was as strong as it was for fashion; his apartments were as chic as they were personal. (I worked out the new layout of the antique wallpaper from his apartment in The Dakota that a Dallas client had bought at auction).

W.E. said...

You are absolutely right DC! Nureyev's impressive sense of style was apparent in his homes as well as his clothing.

shi zhan said...

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