05 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: Seashell Ship

If I were captain of a seashell ship 
I would sail all the oceans numbers one through seven 
my salty-sweet dog by my side
the crew a ragtag assortment of drag queens and poets and acrobats
each and every one in fetching navy/ white stripes
we pass the time inventing intricate knots and tedious rope tricks
assembling the biggest macrame plant hanger ever seen on any shore 
steering ourselves forever towards 
that shiny tin star in the sky.


Rose C'est la Vie said...

I can't work out why my eye refuses to budge from this pretty ship. Maybe because I'm married to a sweet salty sea-dog?

W.E. said...

So pleased that you are enjoying the photo Rose! Sweet salty sea dogs do make the best companions.