10 January 2011

Rhyme nor Reason: My Trusted Companion

As I toiled at my desk this afternoon lost in the joyous reverie of tedious paperwork I suddenly sensed something was amiss.  It took me a second or three before I realized what was wrong with this particular Monday afternoon picture... my trusty companion, my four legged friend, my spiritual guide and ever-enthusiastic cheerleader was not curled up beneath my desk.... nor was she slumbering behind me in her bed... instead of calling her name I decided to investigate and within minutes the mystery was solved.  My fair lady of the house had abandoned me for a small blanket of sunlight, a slanted square of warmth on the dining room floor where she was fast asleep with the smallest of smiles upon her hairy lips.  

Of course, this story has absolutely nothing to do with an old postcard image of a dog but how could I resist that pose with the top hat and gloves AND a paper wrapped bouquet of roses?


little augury said...

Really! their brief trys at independence are shocking. Mine is more independent than I like sometimes! this is a very dear post. pgt

W.E. said...

Sounds like you know exactly what I'm writing about Little Augury! Thank you for sharing.