31 January 2011

Library: Frank O'Hara Selected Poems

Currently top of the book pile on my nightstand and singing me to sleep every night: Frank O'Hara Selected Poems.

     "...they have painted the ceiling of my heart
     and put in a new light fixture..."

- from L'Amour Avait Passe Par La, 1959
Available here.


Laurent said...

I shall be very, very interested in any remark you might make on O'Hara's poetry. I hope "to heaven" it is now possible to discuss him without morbidity. Everybody dies; his poetry hasn't.

W.E. said...

You are absolutely right Laurent! This is poetry that is very much alive!

Daniel-Halifax said...

he looks a bit like the portrait you use as an icon!

ps...I love him!

W.E. said...

A keen observation DH! Perhaps this is why I am fond of the book jacket. Pleased to hear you share the love!