04 January 2011

Favorites: Handmade Scarf

Yours truly is many a splendored thing however timely is not one of them.  Never one to disappoint we are consistent in our ability to spread the holiday cheer like a softened pat of butter on a slice of warm gingerbread...by sending gifts that arrive well into the new year.  For this very reason we are the last to raise an eyebrow when gifts arrive on our doorstep apres the holidays... who wouldn't want to receive a gift any day of the year?  And if that gift is handmade, fetchingly striped and cozy warm?  Well, who wouldn't be happier than I?


Karena said...

It is wonderful and warm, as it is certainly freezing here!!

Happy New Years!

Art by Karena

W.E. said...

Thank you Karena and a very Happy New Year to you!