29 January 2011

Covet: Les Maison Enchantees

A passing glance in my kitchen cabinets and the shelves straining under the weight of stacked plates, bowls, platters and pitchers would make it quite obvious that the LAST thing I need are more serving pieces but this Hermes collection by artist Francois Houtin called Les Maison Enchantees has me ready to toss the whole mismatched lot.  Enchanted indeed.
See more here.


little augury said...

don't toss, make room.

Blue said...

I am on my way to the Hermes store today - our hotel in Rome had the most delicious Orange Vert shower gel and I want it here at home. I shall look out for this china - it does look beautiful. Not that I need another thing on my kitchen shelves!

Susan Adler Sobol said...

Thank you for opening the door into another world. I have seen this china and indeed it is charming. Bravo to the person(s) who designed the Hermes website. After wandering through the enchanted wood I clicked on the large square in the upper right and was curious about the drawing on the lower right. It is actually a coloring book with a palette of colors that you can click and drag on to the pages of the "book"! I will save this for a rainy day -- or more likely -- a sleepless night! I found "Wandering Eye" quite recently. I think I came here because I was curious about the blogroll on "The Blue Hills Remembered" and wanted to know what Mr. Blue read. You have a highly refined eye and post wonderful images.

W.E. said...

L.A.: your advice is perfect and both Blue and I should simply shift rather than toss thus making room for more without sacrificing anything.

Blue: I am a shade of pastel green with envy....Rome and Orange Vert shower gel!?! Wonderful.

S.A.S.: Thank you for your most thoughtful comments and the tip regarding the Hermes site. I look forward to some coloring fun and another distraction.. So pleased that you wandered over!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I know exactly how you feel.