12 January 2011

Covet: 19th Century Filing Cabinet

I have finally found the solution to my conundrum d'organization.  I must simply procure numerous multi-drawered cabinets such as this in which all my most precious belongings can be stowed away safely and neatly only to become completely forgotten and never seen again.
From here.


Rose C'est La Vie said...

What a treasurable piece of furniture! But you have identified its basic flaw: you can never remember where anything is. Years ago there was a fashion for the organiser bag (purse?) with a dozen pockets to it which I quickly dubbed the 'panic bag'.

victoria thorne said...


W.E. said...

Yes Rose! This could become my 'panic cabinet' but better to panic while facing this beauty than a pile of odds and ends no?

Thank you for agreeing VT!