31 December 2010

Wishful Wandering: Right here right now

For once I will be happy with the here and now,
the friends and family and loved ones who surround me
and my eyes won't wander one tiny bit.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

30 December 2010

Library: Physical Geography 1885

Excuse me if I keep this posting short but I have some serious studying to do... I know one should never judge a book by its cover (heaven forbid!) but with a cover like this how could I not be seduced?  Back to the books!

29 December 2010

Still Life: In the Library

Here at Wandering Eye HQ, I and those other two, me and myself, continue to sulk about our thwarted travel plans and the fact that right this very minute we should be on the other coast sleeping soundly in a lovely hotel room just down the hall from other lovely hotel rooms filled with slumbering family.  We shake our collective fists at Mother Nature and attempt to direct our frustrated energy at something more productive than flailing about on the Oriental in a red-cheeked temper tantrum... something like re-arranging the library perhaps?  A task that gobbled up hours of time yesterday and left us happy as can be sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by stacks of beloved books.... unearthed in the second hour, discovered tucked in a dust-filled corner, this ceramic piece adorned with glittery autumn bouquet.

28 December 2010

Q and A: Mother Nature

Question: What to do when Mother Nature dumps a pile of snow a top your world and disrupts your travel plans?  The plans you made six months ago... those plans for a few days of much needed R and R? Answer: Bust out the ice shaver, scrape up a tumbler full, add generous pour of favorite libation and toast the rhymes-with-stitch.
Photos from here.

27 December 2010

If I Were A Girl: Suno

Now that the first official snowstorm of the season has frosted our world with a generous sprinkling of powdery white, I am ready to load my luggage with lots of bright, happy colors and head to a warmer climate.  If I were a girl, this would mean packing up several pieces from the 2011 resort collection by Suno.... a veritable fashion buffet of colors and patterns that make my inner girlish heart go pitter pat.
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26 December 2010

Favorites: Lynzariums

We at Wandering Eye are never ones to brag but we are pleased to report that last year our niceties far outweighed our (rare) moments of naughtiness.... that is if the bounty of gifts we received from Santa are any indication.  Once again we consider ourselves terribly spoiled and over-indulged but we wouldn't have it any other way.  One of our most favorite gifts?  This lovely assemblage of plants in a vintage urn.... a custom creation by the talented designers at Lynzariums.
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25 December 2010

Favorites: Christmas!

Here at the Wandering Eye HQ we have donned our stylish green elf suits and soaked up a big (non-alcoholic) swig of Christmas spirit.... we are filled with holiday cheer from the top of our feathered cap (at jaunty angle) right down to the tip of our pointy elfish boot (with 6 inch heel no less).  Tis the season for spreading joy with gleeful abandon... big buckets of the stuff.... double fistfuls of glittery joy making the world sparkle just like the stars forever twinkling in our wandering eyes.  Wishing you all a Shiny Bright Christmas!

24 December 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Christmas Eve

A short poem for the longest day:

Twas the morn before Christmas 
and all through my brain 
not an ion was stirring
I blame the champagne.

Could you dim those twinkling lights a bit please?
From here.

23 December 2010

Favorites: Phyllis Galembo

Currently rocking my winter world in the best way possible are these images by photographer Phyllis Galembo who has been photographing carnival costumes in Africa and the Caribbean since 1985.  Over 100 of these incredible costumes are beautifully presented in the monograph: Maske.... a book I consider one of my new favorites.  Truly inspiring!
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22 December 2010

Library: Abitare: 50 Years of Design

One of my favorite gifts to give and get is a beautiful book filled with inspiring images.... the type of book one never tires of flipping through over and over and over again and this hefty collection of images celebrating Italian style bible Abitare fits the bill nicely.  Released just in time for last minute gift-giving to that design aficianado with a hankering for all things Italiano.  Added bonus: the wrap around paper cover unfolds into a poster suitable for framing... or not.  Grazie mille!
Available right here.

21 December 2010

Covet: Nymphenburg

For this final entry of the Wandering Eye Five Day Compendium of Covetable Gift suggestions, we end with something practical... a true necessity... a gift both pretty and pragmatic.  We can only be referring to a holiday treat from Nymphenberg....something like this handy figure called Triton with Shell Horn... part of Neptune's Chariot, an impressive centerpiece designed in the late 1700's and composed of four sea horses, one chariot and two Tritons (hey, one has to start somewhere).
See more here.

20 December 2010

Covet: Vintage Blenko Catalog

On this fourth day of covetable desires we recommend a vintage acquisition for the library... something extra special like this Blenko catalog from the 1960's (a decade chock full of wonders)... such delicious colors and sexy shapes... here at Wandering Eye HQ we long to fill our shelves with a collection of these decanters but we would settle for easy access to this treasure of a catalog.  Worth the purchase price for the earth-shattering prop styling alone... mental notation: Next major style revival (ta-dah!) dried chrysanthemum bouquets everywhere!
Available right here.

19 December 2010

Covet: Alexander McQueen Treat

On the third day of covetable cravings,  me, myself and I all requested (in unison) a little something by Alexander McQueen.  Double skull with crystal eyes ring?  Flame printed silk scarf?  Wool flannel combat trousers with contrast piping trim?  Yes, yes and yes!  Or, simply, this lovely petrol leather clutch with skull closure...perfect for stowing special treats.
Available here.

18 December 2010

Covet: Eva Zeisel

Numero dos on the list of covetable cravings: anything by Eva Zeisel.... who still creates amazing work at the ripe young age of 104.  Brava!
Available here.

17 December 2010

Covet: Owl Print

Thus begins my five day compendium of covetable favorites...gift suggestions for the three favorite people at the top of your list: me, myself and I.  Each and every one so needy and greedy!  Still, in the spirit of the holidaze I like to shower all my loved ones with bundles of gifties which is why I am happy to see this wonderful print by one of my most favorite artists, Don Carney, available for a mere $20.  Whooo knew fine art could be so reasonable?
Available right here.

16 December 2010

Distraction: Holiday Memories

Another memory from Christmas past and my wonderful, fabricated childhood... Dad choosing to go DIY: "we'll find a tree right in our own backyard kids!"... Mom blazing another fashion trail of her own making: "it's going to be all about two polka dots this season!"... sister Sally still pouty faced after we played Hairdresser and the New Client Who Wants a Pixie Cut.... me (cute as ever) captivated by visions of sugar plum fairies carrying sparkling banners that say: Come Join Us! ... and that mystery visitor in blue....why it's Dad's co-worker Barbara from the typing pool stopping by to deliver yet another rum-soaked fruit cake and some news so surprising that Mom tips the tree. 
From here.

15 December 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Dear Deer

Sometimes the smallest thing can make my day just a little bit brighter....Tuesday 3 pm chilly shuffle to the corner coffee shop for a much needed caffe latte break (that's with TWO shots right?!?)...lingering close to the display of uber tempting baked goods...inhaling the calorie laden deliciousness...when there, just below my sniffling nose... a wee spotted deer perched in a frosty mound of coconut snow... waving his antlers my way to say: Hello!

14 December 2010

Distraction: The Nutcracker

Late last night while sleepless and bleary eyed in front of the glowing television screen.... somewhere between (un)Real Housewives and Jerseyliciousness my ears chanced upon a familiar chord and my finger paused on the remote.  It was Tchaikovsky's score for The Nutcracker... immediately familiar way before my eyes focused on the dancers flitting across the screen.  Chalk it up to my years of extensive dance training (kick, ball, change anyone?) but I never tire of watching the ballet.... even on the small stage of a television screen in the wee hours of the morning with sleep eluding a wandering eye those dancers and that music can fill me close to bursting with joy. 
1892 Nutcracker Set Designs from here.

13 December 2010

Crave: Holiday Time

Stop the snow machine!  December is zipping far too quickly by for my wandering mind... I've yet to deck the halls, trim the tree, hang the stockings, spike the eggnog and, most importantly, finalize my lengthy wish list for Monsieur Santa.  I need a day to snuggle on the couch with a pumpkin pie (or two) for a marathon of favorite holiday movies...starting with How the Grinch Stole Christmas, of course, because Max is my holiday hero.

12 December 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Fashion Trail

Just when I thought I could never figure out another way to wear my favorite blanket, shawl and necktie all at once....leave it to those Peruvian hunters (circa early 1900's) to blaze a fashion trail perfect for wandering down.  Tassels at the kneecap?  Why, si, senor.
From here.

11 December 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Tramp Art Frame

Further proof that there has always been that one over-achieving person who likes to outshine all the other crafters in the Make-Your-Own-Tramp-Art-Frame weekend workshop.  
Hallelujah for that.
See more here.
Discovered via Man Make Home.

10 December 2010

My Future Home: Tiles

My future home will be covered head to toe with a collage of colorful tiles... some glazed and shiny others frosted and matte... swirling patterns against solid borders finished with intricate carvings.  There will be rounded doorways accented with giant hand-forged lamps, the amber glass adding another color to the facade as I stand below in my best Moorish ensemble welcoming guests in for an evening of cocktails and bingo.  Call me color-blind and crazy but if the look worked for this 1923 meeting hall of the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine then it's most certainly good enough for a wishful Wandering Eye like me.

09 December 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Skates

Perhaps not ideal for clearing a bump in the road, turning on a dime or a sudden stop but with that hair, those gams and that fetching striped sweater who really cares?
Discovered here.

08 December 2010

Extra Special: Walker Evans

Another photographer on my rather lengthy list of favorites is Walker Evans.... yet another master at catching the most fleeting and poetic moments on film... these are images ripe with stories to tell.  

07 December 2010

Library: Louis Vuitton, 100 Legendary Trunks

Aside from a brief teenage infatuation with all things Lacoste (signs of an early Franco-phile), I've never been one for wearing logos on my clothes.  I prefer my designer labels on the inside of my garments and I steer clear of multiple GG's or LV's.  This being said, I do have a soft spot for vintage luggage.... designer or not.  Brand new GG attache with red/green webbing?  No thanks.  Weathered 100 year old LV flower trunk?  Oui, oui please!  This is why the new book: Louis Vuitton, 100 Legendary Trunks is currently number one on my Christmas wish list.
Get your copy here.

06 December 2010

If I Were A Girl: Halston's Crowd

I like to think that in an alternative life.... one similar to this one but with more ultra suede and me as a girl (model perfect of course)... I was part of Halston's glamorous party circle.  Ah, the memories flood back like it was yesterday.  Late late nights and early early mornings at Studio 54 dodging Warhol with that pesky Polaroid camera flash, dancing with Liz and Rudolf who always compliments me on my natural grace and limber body.... racing back to Halston's lair at 101 for a quick pick-me-up.... singing Kander and Ebb tunes with Liza... comparing modeling poses with Jerry and Pat... no, girls, you're both prettier than me.... and watching Bianca gorge on caviar.  More champagne please!
Photo by Harry Benson

05 December 2010

Covet: Circa 1900 Gold Plaque

Whilst strolling recently with a (now former) friend, I stopped to admire a sumptuous objet d'art in a shop window... the piece was large and gold and dramatic... three attributes I expounded upon as I pressed my cute button nose against the window (leaving nary a grease spot).  My eyes were glassy with blatant desire as I imagined all the places in my home where I could attempt to cram something quite so generous in scale when my (now former) friend popped my fantasy bubble by asking: "but what would you do with it?"  

Practical?  Reasonable?  Logical?  These are concepts foreign to us here at Wandering Eye... we would much rather fly giddily on the glitter wings of whim than trudge through the mucky muck of reason which is why we are all agog over this splendid piece of whimsy available right here.

04 December 2010

Wishful Wandering: Maison Jean Cocteau

Forget my favorite boulangerie and that bar in the Marais with the tile mosaics and charming waiters, this is where I'm headed the next time my feet touch down on Gallic soil....Jean Cocteau's home in Milly-la-Foret...a hop, skip and jete outside Paris.  I want to see that leopard print wall covering in person and stroll through the garden filled with sculptures taken from movie sets and peruse the photographs and bits of inspiration tacked above Cocteau's desk... perhaps I'll soak up enough Cocteau-aura to produce a bon mot or two like his classic: 
Life is a horizontal fall.  
C'est vrai, non?
See more here.

03 December 2010

Favorites: A Swinging Christmas

On heavy rotation here at DoaWE FM radio, is this gem of holiday cheer: Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas.  In our humble opinion, the best collection of holiday music ever without a clunker in the set.... and how can one resist Ella's cute face peeking out from between those circa-60's illustrated packages?  Our personal favorite track is the sweetly sentimental What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? which makes our Wandering Eyes misty every time....sniff.
Get your swing here.

02 December 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Stars

These amazing star-like images of snowflakes reminded me of one of my favorite quotes by Oscar Wilde....perfect for a Thursday morning in December:

"We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars"

Snowflakes by Wilson A. Bentley (1865-1931).
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01 December 2010

Crave: A Handwritten Note

Enough with all this tipping, tapping, clicking, clacking on key boards!  I long for some mail minus the e-prefix.... the simple act of putting pen to paper... the simple pleasure of a weighty card stock, a water-mark on the thinnest paper or a personalized stationary with embossed lettering.  I miss the trepidation of writing with indelible ink on a beautiful card... the practice draft... the careful cursive... the date in upper right corner.  These lovely cards with artwork by Sanna Annukka will be perfect for my next round of personal communication... a simple palette, a graphic tidiness, a bit of whimsy and a touch of metallic gold = perfectly dear for my dearest and (not so) nearest.
Available here.