30 April 2010

Distraction: Viktor & Rolf

When I read that Viktor & Rolf were presenting a show of iconic looks from their fashion house...on dolls (!) I wanted to hop on my invisible plane and jet on over to Antwerp for the opening at Studio Job Gallery.  Unfortunately, my invisible plane was in the invisible repair shop (curse that see-thru technology) so, instead, I fed my Viktor & Rolf craving with my own retrospective viewing of their past collections.  Must see delights: the ground-breaking Russian Doll (Haute Couture 1999/2000), Flowers (SS03), Ballroom Collection (SS07) and Bedtime Story (FW 05/06).  Cut to an hour plus later and I've watched some of my favorite fashion shows ever, my appetite for Viktor & Rolf is completely satisfied and I'm not minding the aftertaste of couture still lingering on my tongue.  Get your Viktor & Rolf fashion fix here.
Photo by Peter Stigter via Abitare

29 April 2010

If I Were A Girl: Balmain Jacket

If I were a girl, I would wear whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and the more dramatic, the better.  Afterall, if you can't have fun with fashion why bother?  Donning strappy sandals with five inch heels for a quick morning run to the corner deli?  Yep.  Gun metal sequin jacket with zipper detail for a parent/teacher conference?  You betcha.  Extra skinny cropped leather motorcycle pants...you get the idea.   This military inspired jacket with not-so-subtle epaulets is from Christophe Decarnin's spring/summer 2010 collection for Balmain which was chock full of looks that struck a perfect balance between tough and sexy...two adjectives I wouldn't mind incorporating into my wardrobe for the season...if I were girl.

28 April 2010

Distraction: The Lovely Bug

 Just spent way too long perusing the mind boggling array of archived images on the New York Public Libary website.  It was almost like getting immersed in a pile of dusty tomes deep in the library stacks.  Almost.  As far as I'm concerned nothing will ever compare to the wonder of opening a great old picture book: the thick cracked leather cover, the yellowed pages and that unmistakable smell. 
Seeing as I just clicked and scrolled and clicked again on hundreds of images I'm amazed that my eyes have retained anything.  Even with the visual overdose, I can't stop thinking about this series of prints from a 1928 French volume by E.A. Seguy called simply, Insectes.  Not only are the colors of these creepy crawlies amazing but the compositions are incredible. 

27 April 2010

Covet: Vintage Wire Cage Light

The other night, I spotted a row of these pendant lights dangling outside the French bistro Marliave which is so tucked away at the end of an alley in Boston I don't know if I'll ever find it again.  I love the heavy-gauge metal coated with a centuries worth of paint plus the vintage industrial look combined with a modern geometric shape.  Surprisingly, I wasn't wearing my handy Hermes tool belt that night otherwise I would have been tempted to, um, borrow one of these for awhile.

26 April 2010

Extra Special: Michael C. Hsiung

Whilst perusing the very inspiring art blog, My love for you is a stampede of horses, I chanced upon an equally inspiring artist, Michael C. Hsiung, and was instantly awestruck by his imagery.   I love the clean graphic quality of Mr. Hsiung's line work and the spot-on retro styling of his subject matter but, most of all, I am hooked on the humorous and slightly twisted narrative of his compositions.
While looking at these incredibly detailed drawings, I was reminded of another favorite artist who managed to inject a dose of skewed humor into his work: the late, great Edward Gorey.  Check out more of Mr. Hsiung's impressive work here.

Images courtesy of Michael C. Hsiung

25 April 2010

Crave: Sweet Dreams, The Extended Version

As far as I'm concerned the weekend is all about catching some Z's...and I don't mean just a timid, wee handful more.  I'm talking a great big greedy double fist-full of Z's.  I want to hit that REM sleep cycle and have my eyes fluttering like I'm the biggest flirt out there in Dreamland.  There will be no counting of sheep when my head hits the million-thread-count hay.  Good night, sleep tight indeed.

24 April 2010

Covet: Forest Bound One-off Tote

I have so many tote bags that I could probably load up all my worldly belongings into my vast collection and still have a few totes left to spare.  That being said, I can always convince myself that I need another one.  After all, tote bags are so practical.  They're perfect for carrying around groceries or flea market treasures or worldly belongings or...surplus totes.  I've been a fan of Forest Bound for awhile and this handsome, rugged one-of-a-kind carryall from their current collection is a-calling my name.  I love the lettering on heavy weight recycled canvas and the natural colored leather that will only get better with age.  Extra bonus: the bag is lined with a striped ticking fabric.  I'm smitten.  Grab your bag here.

23 April 2010

My Future Home: Milano

My future home will most definitely have a balcony...or two....or three.  I would also be quite happy with one super long balcony wrapping all around my future home which will look not unlike this intricately detailed building with the wonderful aged patina.  A balcony is the perfect perch for looking out over the rolling hills of an estate or sunbathing au naturel or, if one hears the call of the stage, playing Juliet (minus the last act of course).  Speaking of the theater, a balcony is also an ideal launching pad for dramatic leaps into a lover's open-arms.  Just be sure your Romeo has his feet firmly planted.

22 April 2010

Still Life: Level 4, Section EE25

Sometimes beauty can be found in the most unlikely places.....like deep in the exhaust-filled bowels of a parking structure.  So keep your eyes open and you might chance upon something like this colorful parking structure assemblage which was practically glowing under a fluorescent spotlight, waiting to be discovered.  This almost made up for the exorbitant parking fee.  Almost. 

21 April 2010

If I Were a Girl: Louboutin Striped Pump

If I were a girl about to embark on a trip to a warmer clime, I'd need the proper footwear.  Something sensible and appropriate for a multitude of occasions...something like this multi-colored striped damask pump by one of the masters of sensible footwear, Christian Louboutin.  I love the combination of the 40's looking print with the feels-like-a-sneaker 5" heel and those colors like a roll of Spree candies.  Yum!  Available right here.

20 April 2010

Covet: Vintage Samsonite Suitcase

I am soooooo ready for a getaway.  A quick, impulsive, impractical jaunt to someplace far away.  I'd like to tap my heels three times and be instantly transported to a market in Morocco or a mountaintop in Montana or a mound of mysterious molecules on Mars.   Mmmmmm!  Of course, wherever I decide to go, I'll need the perfect carry-on in which to transport my saucy travel ensembles and this vintage piece of luggage will suit(case) me just fine.  Added bonus: the multiple colors compliment my rapidly multiplying personalities. What's not to love?  Available here.

19 April 2010

Crave: Craft Time

When my To Do list is longer than I wish to admit and deadlines are looming large and I feel a stress-pimple outbreak gathering force beneath the surface of my normally blemish-free (if slightly oily) skin, a weird phenomena tends to occur.  I completely shut down.  It is as if my mind reaches a certain red-zone of stress, a fuse blows between my ears and suddenly I want to occupy my time with ANYTHING save for those tasks  I should be doing.   These are the times when I'll attempt an elaborate triple layer cake or re-hang all the art in the living room or spend hours flipping through back-issues of World of Interiors.   Today, I'm craving some craft time because right now would be a perfect time to start that quadruple ply cashmere scarf I always wanted to crochet.  After all, if I start now, I'll surely be finished when the weather cools again.

18 April 2010

My Future Home: Paris

Sometimes, when I'm wandering the streets of Paris, I can get myself a bit turned around.  Add a few glasses of vin rouge to the mix and I'm completely lost.  So, I may need to make my future home a tad more easy to spot....specially in the wee hours of the morning....just in case.  This colorful door somewhere in the 7th was not unlike several others on the street...completely covered with grafitti like large scale abstract paintings but this one looked particularly museum-worthy and, therefore, appropriate for my future home.  I love the mystery of doors like this....from the street all one sees is an expanse of high wall interrupted by the occasional set of doors but open those portals and one sees a completely different view of courtyards and gardens and beautiful homes and me lounging by a pool with a glass of vin rouge.

16 April 2010

Still Life: Vintage Lamp

I love this vintage lamp...the tarnished gold, the crazy flowers with the light-up centers and the nicely detailed buds and leaves twisting all around.  The wiring is a little wonky and it tends to get a bit warm to the touch when it's on for awhile but I love it so much that I don't mind saying a little prayer every time I plug it in.

15 April 2010

If I Were a Girl

If I were a girl I would have a mint-green bathroom.  And Miu Miu shoes in duchesse satin.  And I'd wear conical bras by Jean Paul Gaultier just....because.  Oh, and I'd have big-ass green flowers attached to my shoulders.  This beautiful photograph by Javier Vallhonrat is from the April issue of British Vogue.  The piece is an homage to the iconic pin-up art of Alberto Vargas and the styling is by Lucinda Chambers.      Once again, British Vogue blasts American Vogue out of the water by featuring incredible images like this one.  Love the addition of the coral pink laundry basket.

14 April 2010

Covet: Form Us With Love Work Lamp in Gold

I first spotted these lights last August at the International Gift Fair in New York and I'm still thinking about them.  Something about that shiny gold finish and the faceted reinterpretation of a classic utilitarian worksite light has me wondering where I can squeeze another lamp into my decor.  Perhaps that summer house I mentioned?  I also like that this lamp can be placed on a table to serve as both light source and objet d'art.  A multi-tasking lamp?!?  Now that would light up my life.  This gem is available here.

13 April 2010

Crave: RuPaul's Drag Race

Sometimes one has a craving for an hour long dose of drag-queen reality television and RuPaul's Drag Race on LOGO satisfies like no other.  From the low-budget sets to Ru's incredible gravity defying wigs, I absolutely LOVE everything about this program even though one of my favorite pretty ladies, Jessica Wild, was eliminated far too soon.   With her sweet persona and completely individual style I really thought Miss Wild was going to take the grand prize but I was wrong.  Now, my second favorite, Tatiana, has been issued her walking papers and I'm crushed.  True, Tati is young and far less experienced that some of the other gals but who could resist that face and that amazing smile?!?  Not sure who I'm cheering for with the final three but knowing the finale is going to be a whopping 2 1/2 hours (!) long has me counting down the days.

12 April 2010

If I Were a Girl: Alexis Bittar

If I were a girl, I'd wear the biggest, boldest, bad-ass-ist jewelry I could find and there aren't too many jewelry designers as bad-ass as Alexis Bittar.   I'm loving this SS10 ad campaign featuring another Alexis looking amazing in some subtle AB baubles.  I snapped this poster in New York after a particularly chilly spell which caused all the outdoor posters to ripple but I like the effect here.  Even with the wrinkled paper, Miss Collins looks particularly fresh and relatively smooth which is another thing I'd be sure to do if I were a girl: tackle gravity like a linebacker (dripping with bijoux of course).

11 April 2010

My Future Home: Maine

Well...perhaps more like a summer home.  A cozy little getaway spot for light entertaining outdoors in the yard.  Something understated and low maintenance....just like me.

10 April 2010

Still Life: Bowl with Fruit

The lighting in my living room was so nice this morning that I suddenly saw things in, well, a different light.  I'd forgotten about this footed bowl of dried and wooden fruit that was tucked into a corner of the room.  I think the sun has done a bit of a job on the wood finishes but I'm liking the result and I don't even mind the layer of dust (aka patina).

09 April 2010

Covet: Greg Kuharic Pottery

I am drooling over these incredible pots by artist Greg Kuharic.  HandEye Magazine just published a great article on Mr. Kuharic and I flipped when I saw these wonderful shapes and colors....so organic and creepy  and tempting to touch!  I love a good wart-covered gourd-shaped pot.
photo: gregkuharic.com

08 April 2010

If I Were a Girl

If I were a girl I would be busting out the colors now that the weather is warming.  I'm especially drawn to green like in this detail shot from Lanvin's SS10 collection.  Green would look best with my naturally vibrant auburn hair which would cascade down my back in thick shiny waves.  I also love the incredible detail work on this fabric and necklace....who doesn't want to wear something encrusted with beads and gems when out enjoying a fine spring day?
Image from: style.com

07 April 2010


Finally!  The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and plants are busting out like nobodies business.  Guess all the rain that soaked us here in the Northeast was worth it (sort of).  Here is a bouquet of blossoms from my imaginary garden....the one with the winding paths, waterfall, charming folly and flowers that bloom year round.

06 April 2010

Covet: Paris Bull

A red-eyed bull.  Symbolic?  Perhaps.  This guy was giving me the eye whilst I was wandering the Left Bank...he reminded me of one of my all time favorite kiddie books, Ferdinand the Bull.  Had the shop been open, I would have loved this as a souvenir of the trip.  Seeing as he has a hefty look about him, it's probably a good thing I didn't try to toss him in my carry-on so, instead, he will be the starting point to this no-bull blog.