04 December 2010

Wishful Wandering: Maison Jean Cocteau

Forget my favorite boulangerie and that bar in the Marais with the tile mosaics and charming waiters, this is where I'm headed the next time my feet touch down on Gallic soil....Jean Cocteau's home in Milly-la-Foret...a hop, skip and jete outside Paris.  I want to see that leopard print wall covering in person and stroll through the garden filled with sculptures taken from movie sets and peruse the photographs and bits of inspiration tacked above Cocteau's desk... perhaps I'll soak up enough Cocteau-aura to produce a bon mot or two like his classic: 
Life is a horizontal fall.  
C'est vrai, non?
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Laurent said...

I seem to think my source for this bon mot was Dotson Rader's "Blood Dues," in which the Master was being interviewed on the predicament of what he would salvage from his Paris apartment, should it turn into flames. He said, "I'd take the fire." I don't think he was thinking as an insurance agent. I think he was thinking as Prometheus. Whether he was or not, I have a feeling he'd rather be taken for the latter.

John J Tackett said...

How charming! I am a Cocteau fan and happy to see that I own an almost identical cartonnier.

W.E. said...

We must all meet at Maison Jean Cocteau for a stroll through the gardens!