29 December 2010

Still Life: In the Library

Here at Wandering Eye HQ, I and those other two, me and myself, continue to sulk about our thwarted travel plans and the fact that right this very minute we should be on the other coast sleeping soundly in a lovely hotel room just down the hall from other lovely hotel rooms filled with slumbering family.  We shake our collective fists at Mother Nature and attempt to direct our frustrated energy at something more productive than flailing about on the Oriental in a red-cheeked temper tantrum... something like re-arranging the library perhaps?  A task that gobbled up hours of time yesterday and left us happy as can be sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by stacks of beloved books.... unearthed in the second hour, discovered tucked in a dust-filled corner, this ceramic piece adorned with glittery autumn bouquet.

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