15 December 2010

Rhyme nor Reason: Dear Deer

Sometimes the smallest thing can make my day just a little bit brighter....Tuesday 3 pm chilly shuffle to the corner coffee shop for a much needed caffe latte break (that's with TWO shots right?!?)...lingering close to the display of uber tempting baked goods...inhaling the calorie laden deliciousness...when there, just below my sniffling nose... a wee spotted deer perched in a frosty mound of coconut snow... waving his antlers my way to say: Hello!


Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

please tell me you licked and swallowed that snowball. Remember, my friend what Janis Joplin always said "GET WHILE YOU CAN"!

Blue said...

So, did you?

W.E. said...

I won't say what happened between me and that cupcake dear Kevin of Hollywood but I will say I love anything covered in coconut.