06 December 2010

If I Were A Girl: Halston's Crowd

I like to think that in an alternative life.... one similar to this one but with more ultra suede and me as a girl (model perfect of course)... I was part of Halston's glamorous party circle.  Ah, the memories flood back like it was yesterday.  Late late nights and early early mornings at Studio 54 dodging Warhol with that pesky Polaroid camera flash, dancing with Liz and Rudolf who always compliments me on my natural grace and limber body.... racing back to Halston's lair at 101 for a quick pick-me-up.... singing Kander and Ebb tunes with Liza... comparing modeling poses with Jerry and Pat... no, girls, you're both prettier than me.... and watching Bianca gorge on caviar.  More champagne please!
Photo by Harry Benson


Daniel-Halifax said...

It was you who pushed Liza off that balcony wasn't it!? Oh no, that's right, she was just drunk again.

W.E. said...

Ha! I knew you were there as well DH! Didn't you catch me as I tumbled down those exposed stairs?

JJT said...

Admittedly this photo makes it look very glamorous, but we now know there was a side of Halston's (and Andy's, and Liza's for that matter) lifestyle that was not so chic. But yes, I WOULD have accepted an invitation to see the house in its day, regardless.