14 December 2010

Distraction: The Nutcracker

Late last night while sleepless and bleary eyed in front of the glowing television screen.... somewhere between (un)Real Housewives and Jerseyliciousness my ears chanced upon a familiar chord and my finger paused on the remote.  It was Tchaikovsky's score for The Nutcracker... immediately familiar way before my eyes focused on the dancers flitting across the screen.  Chalk it up to my years of extensive dance training (kick, ball, change anyone?) but I never tire of watching the ballet.... even on the small stage of a television screen in the wee hours of the morning with sleep eluding a wandering eye those dancers and that music can fill me close to bursting with joy. 
1892 Nutcracker Set Designs from here.

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Blue said...

The first Nutcracker I ever saw was in Boston twenty years ago and I loved it. The Atlanta so-called fun for all the family version ruined it for me. Love the music, though.